Chocolate cake: 10 recipes for all tastes

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Recipes of chocolate cakes for all tastes: soft, vegan, with the Thermomix, gluten-free

chocolate cake

A slice of chocolate cake maybe it can't solve all problems but sometimes it helps to lift the mood. There are so many recipes e variants to prepare the chocolate cake at home. So you can meet all your needs or follow your tastes.

In fact, you can decide to prepare the classic chocolate cake, with milk, butter and eggs, or one vegan chocolate cake or one more gluten-free chocolate cake. One thing is certain: in the collection of recipes that we offer you chocolate and cocoa never fail. It's up to you to experiment and vary some ingredients when needed.

For example, by choosing oil instead of butter you will get a lighter dessert, or you can replace the white sugar with brown sugar or a natural sweetener of your choice. To accompany your chocolate cake you cannot miss a nice cup of tea.

You just have to stay choose your favorite recipe and prepare your chocolate cake to enjoy at breakfast, as a snack or to serve as a dessert.


Classic chocolate cake

Photo source: Apple Ginger

Are you looking for the recipe for a chocolate cake for a birthday party or for a delicious snack? There classic chocolate cake among the ingredients plans to use dark chocolate, milk, butter, eggs and sugar. THU the recipe from which to take inspiration to prepare the classic chocolate cake.

Vegan chocolate cake

To prepare thevegan chocolate cake start with wheat flour and spelled flour and follow the recipe to balance dry and liquid ingredients well. You can choose the vegetable milk you prefer to make the vegan chocolate cake. THU our recipe.

Chocolate cake without eggs

Photo source: Grandmother's recipes

prepare the Chocolate cake without eggs it's that simple. In fact, flour, milk, sugar, bitter cocoa and a sachet of baking powder are enough. You can add dark chocolate flakes and use almond flour or coconut flour to decorate the cake in place of the icing sugar. THU recipe.


Gluten free chocolate cake

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To prepare the gluten-free chocolate cake you can replace wheat flour with buckwheat flour and very fine corn flour. You will need unsweetened cocoa, milk (also vegetable, for example rice milk) and brown sugar. THU the recipe to follow.


Chocolate bread cake

You can prepare one chocolate bread cake tasty and soft. A perfect recipe for recycling leftover stale bread and making a cake for a snack or a special breakfast. Here is the recipe to follow step by step.

Light chocolate and pear cake

Prepared with not very refined flours, fresh seasonal fruit and agave syrup, this pear and light chocolate cake is perfect to serve at snack. The dough of this cake was made without adding fat, the pears, reduced to a puree, help to make the dough soft and velvety and to give it a sweet delicate aroma. Here the complete recipe.

Chocolate and pear cake

Chocolate and pears or cocoa and pears, here is a fantastic combination to prepare really tasty homemade cakes that everyone will like. Both spelled flour and wheat flour are suitable for preparing chocolate and pear cake. THU e Thu our recipes.

Light chocolate cake

Are you looking for a recipe to prepare chocolate cake in a light version? Then choose dark chocolate as the main ingredient for your recipe and do not use either milk or butter as an ingredient. Instead of sugar you can use stevia. THU the recipe to follow.

Chocolate and nuts cake

With hazelnut flour, raw cane sugar and cocoa powder you can prepare a fantastic Chocolate and nuts cake, which by the way will be both completely vegetable and gluten free e without yeast To meet the needs of everyone. THU recipe.

Chocolate cake and coffee

If you love both chocolate and the taste of coffee, you can combine these two ingredients in a single dessert to prepare: the chocolate and coffee cake; a dessert among other things, without yeast, so you will make the joy of those who are intolerant to this typical ingredient of cakes. In fact, you can replace the yeast with a small amount of vinegar and bicarbonate. THU the recipe to follow.

Little chocolate cake with soft heart

Il patty chocolate with a soft heart, here is the recipe and the tricks to prepare one of the most delicious desserts that exists. Here is the recipe to follow step by step.

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You have other recipes to suggest to prepare the chocolate cake at home?

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