Carpal tunnel syndrome: symptoms, remedies and how to recognize it

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Carpal tunnel syndrome is the most common pathology affecting the peripheral nerves of the human body. It is common in people who use their hands a lot in their work, especially if they perform repetitive movements.

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La carpal tunnel syndrome it is the most common pathology affecting the peripheral nerves of the human body. It is common in people who use their hands a lot in their work, especially if they perform repetitive movements.

To be precise, carpal tunnel syndrome is one neuropathy which occurs due to irritation or compression of the median nerve as it passes through the carpal tunnel, a structure found in the wrist.

Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when i flexor tendons they exert animal pressure on the median nerve of the wrist which runs along the entire arm and reaches the hand. Pressure occurs when the tendons swell from repeated or prolonged hand movements.

Let's find out the causes, symptoms and remedies of carpal tunnel syndrome.



Carpal tunnel syndrome, causes

Carpal tunnel syndrome is mainly and frequently due tochronic inflammation of the flexor tendon bag which compresses the median nerve. It occurs most frequently in the following subjects:

  • People using their hands for precision work
  • People who perform repetitive movements with their hands
  • Pregnant women
  • Subjects suffering from hypothyroidism
  • Rheumatoid arthritis sufferers
  • Patients suffering from fibromyalgia
  • Women over the age of 40
  • Men aged 30 and over

THEfrequent and repetitive use of some tools May Promote Carpal Tunnel Syndrome:

  • Playing bowling
  • Move the mouse repeatedly
  • Prolonged use of the computer keyboard
  • Use the jackhammer
  • Play drums or percussion

Not only repetitive movements cause carpal tunnel syndrome but can also be associated with conditions fluid retention as:

  • Diabetes
  • Pregnancy
  • Taking birth control drugs

Carpal tunnel syndrome, symptoms

Let's find out what some of the more frequent symptoms carpal tunnel syndrome to understand if we are among the people at risk of suffering from this problem.

  • Pain in the fingers
  • Disorders of sensitivity in the fingers
  • Loss of sensation in the first 3 fingers of the hand
  • Hypertrophy of the hand muscles in severe cases
  • Tingling in the first 3 fingers of the hand
  • Inflammation of the joints

Care should be taken because the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome can be similar to those ofrheumatoid arthritisat the level of the wrists and hands and therefore for an inexperienced person it could be easy to confuse the two problems. For this reason, to really recognize carpal tunnel syndrome, we recommend that you consult an expert.

According to experts, pain and numbness, day or night, in the first three fingers of the hand are the initial symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. Pain and numbness can also extend to whole arm.

Carpal tunnel syndrome, how to recognize it

If we think we are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, let's try to pay attention to the following signs that can affect our hands and our daily life.

  • Difficulty uncorking a bottle
  • Difficulty knitting
  • Pain and shock in the first 3 fingers of the hand
  • Phalen maneuver

La Phalen's maneuver o Phalen's test it is a maneuver used in the diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome; it is performed by asking the patient to keep the forearms in a vertical position and to place the wrist in forced flexion, the maneuver is considered positive if numbness or pain appears within one minute.

How is carpal tunnel syndrome diagnosed? The clinical evaluation of the syndrome takes place through the collection of the symptoms complained of by the patient and through the orthopedic maneuvers mentioned above (Phalen's test).

Carpal tunnel syndrome, remedies

  • For chronic carpal tunnel syndrome, medicine recommends asurgery under local anesthesia, with a safer outcome for endoscopic interventions. With an operation that requires only a small incision the recovery of the use of the hand in a short time. Before undergoing an operation, however, it is necessary to inform yourself as best as possible about the risks and consequences by asking, for example, if there may be scars left or if there could be a risk of infections.
  • We must remind those who work at the computer that the use of keyboards and the position to be maintained should follow very specific rules. You can use special ones wrist pads and suitable supports while working on the computer to prevent strain and carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • When you feel tingling and pain in the first three fingers of your hand and part of the ring finger start to appear strangely, contact your doctor immediately so that he can provide you with advice for the prevention of carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • È necessario pay attention to the health of your hands and of their wrists especially for those who write at the computer for a long time, those who use work tools with repetitive movements and those who usually play musical instruments.
  • When possible it is good to choose work equipment that do not overload the wrists and do not stress them.
  • When the pain from carpal tunnel syndrome becomes annoying because the problem is at an advanced stage but at the same time you cannot stop working and making the most common movements, the suggestion is to wear a specific wrist brace. This is usually an elastic hand and wrist support that can be worn both day and night. Ask your physiotherapist for more information.
  • Is critical take breaks while you work to try to rest the wrists in order to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome and not to aggravate it if the wrists are very stressed in one's work.
  • It can be useful during breaks perform small movements when you feel that your wrists are sore. Rotate your wrists gently a few times by performing inward and then outward rotating movements of the hands.

The main recommendation is, however, to contact an expert as soon as annoying symptoms are felt in the fingers and wrists to really understand if it can be carpal tunnel syndrome or other problems and intervene as soon as possible for the treatment and prevention with the remedies best suited to your health.

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