Sauna: 6 golden rules to get the maximum benefits

6 golden rules to follow to make a perfect sauna while fully enjoying the benefits offered by this technique

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When you want to give yourself a moment of relaxation and well-being, which is also useful for expel toxins from the body and therefore you help the purification, one of the most loved options certainly is the sauna. Rooms used for this purpose are now found in many gyms and sports centers, but how do you get all the benefits of a sauna?

Here 6 golden rules to respect, compiled a few days ago by the world's sauna experts gathered at a meeting in San Francisco.

1) Proper heating: According to experts, a real sauna must have maximum temperatures of 80-90 degrees and never below 65 degrees, given that bacterial proliferation is still possible at this temperature. Infrared rays are not good but, according to the Finnish tradition, the best sauna is the one made with stones or wood heated by jets of hot air.

2) No to cell phones: since the sauna is first of all a moment of relaxation, the use of mobile phones is forbidden and it would also be good to speak in a low voice or, better still, be in silence and fully enjoy the experience.

3) No clothes: to have a sauna worthy of the name you have to be naked. It's okay of course to bring a towel with you to use for sitting down and dabbing sweat when needed. To truly relax you need at least 2-3 hours, not all to be spent inside the sauna of course (see next point).

4) Cycle of 3 repetitions hot-cold: experts recommend taking all the time necessary to properly perform a sauna. How? alternating 12-20 minutes of sauna with immersion in a cold tub for just 5 seconds or, alternatively for the less intrepid and courageous, resting at room temperature for 15-20 minutes. All to be repeated 3 times.

5) Awareness: experts say that even when you are inside the sauna you need to be aware and make this experience not only an opportunity for physical detoxification but also "spiritual". It is in fact an excellent moment of calm in which to focus on your goals, think, work out or solve something.

6) Final bathroom: after completing all the cycles it would be good to take a cold bath to avoid the risk of inflammation or pain and to help the body achieve homeostasis (balance).

"Give me the power to cause a fever and I will be able to cure any disease" said Hippocrates, a great lover of the sauna, at the time. But this very beneficial practice is not always indicated, so let's see when to avoid.


The sauna is not recommended for those suffering from low blood pressure, the very high heat, in fact, would contribute to lower blood pressure even more and you could experience dizziness or real fainting. Also to be avoided in case of cardio-circulatory or respiratory disorders, if you have a fever, inflammation, during the menstrual period or in pregnancy. It is also important not to start a sauna with a full stomach or after drinking coffee and tea, these drinks are in fact stimulating and could cause tachycardia.

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