Sugar as a drug: Holland proposes to tax it

Sugar is as addictive as drugs. Holland proposes to tax him. Sugar is as addictive as drugs, alcohol or tobacco. That is why the shocking proposal to tax him was born in the Netherlands. Numerous studies have been conducted so far regarding the dependence caused by sugar and artificially produced sweeteners. Sugar should be considered exactly like alcohol or cigarettes.

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Lo XNUMX/XNUMX cup sugar creates dependence such as drugs, alcohol or tobacco. That's why in Holland the shock proposal of tax it. There are numerous studies conducted so far in relation to addiction to sugar and industrially produced artificial sweeteners. White sugar should be considered exactly like alcohol or cigarettes.

Ad state it è Paul Van Der Velpen, which is head of the Amsterdam Health Service. In his opinion, sugar is a real drug that should be strictly controlled. According to the expert, sugar ccauses a strong addiction, which is difficult to get rid of, as in the case of tobacco.

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In his opinion, to heal from sugar addiction it is not enough to follow a specific diet, but it would be necessary to undergo a real taddiction therapy. As is already known, added sugars are linked to the development of chronic diseases such as diabetes e obesity.

The scientist believes that for limit the epidemic of welfare diseases, taxes and limits should be imposed on the consumption of the product. Sugar products should therefore be labeled as cigarettes, to convey the message of how sugar is harmful to health and can be addictive.

This is a truth that is by no means taken for granted. The Dutch proposal follows the ban of the sodas in overrsize format ordered in New York by the mayor Michael Bloomberg. Would taxing sugar really help us consume less? Perhaps a higher cost would limit our desire to buy sugary foods, but such measures would likely need to be strengthened by a serious health program. nutrition education aimed at both children and adults.

Marta Albè

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