Resilience: 6 exercises to do every day to build your mental strength

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Become aware of yourself and your abilities, build your resilience and mental strength with these exercises

Become aware of yourself and your abilities, build your resilience and mental strength with these exercises

The most powerful way to fight anxiety and stress is constantly working on building your resilience and mental strength. Here are six daily exercises to restore your physical and mental balance, according to neuroscience.


View positive results

At the beginning or end of each day, think about all those uncertain situations in your life, both big and small. Now take each of these and visualize the more optimistic and surprising result; hence, not only the positive result, but the best possible one you can imagine. This should help you always expect the best, and it may also spark new ideas of what you could do to achieve your goal.

Turn anxiety into progress

La plasticity of our brain it is what allows us to be resilient in difficult times: learning to calm down, re-evaluate situations, reframe our thoughts and make smarter decisions. And it's easier to take advantage of it when we remind ourselves that anxiety doesn't always have to be bad. Here are some tips you should never forget:

  • Anger may block your attention and your ability to perform, or it may motivate you, sharpen your attention.
  • Fear could trigger memories of past failures, divert your attention and concentration, and undermine your performance, or it could make you more alert to decisions to make, thereby creating opportunity to change direction.
  • Sadness could flatten your mood and demotivate you, or it could help you refocus your priorities and encourage you to change your environment, circumstances and behavior.
  • Worry could make you procrastinate and get in the way of achieving your goals, or it could help you fine-tune your plans, adjust your expectations, and become more realistic and goal oriented.
  • Frustration could hinder your progress and demotivate you, or it could serve you as a push to do more or better.

These comparisons may seem simplistic, but they indicate powerful choices that produce tangible results. (Read also: New Study Shows Why You Should Accept Negative Emotions To Be Happier)

Try something new

These days, it's easier than ever to take a new class online, join a sports club, or attend a virtual event. Having new experiences can push the brain and body to experience something you never would have considered before. It doesn't have to be a workout or something difficult, it can be just a little bit beyond out of your comfort zone.

Cultivate relationships and bonds

Being able to ask for help, stay in touch with friends and family and actively cultivate supportive relationships and encouragement not only allows you to keep anxiety at bay, it also strengthens the feeling of not being alone. The belief and feeling of being surrounded by people who care for you are crucial during times of enormous stress. (Read also: What happens to your body and brain with a hug. Why does it make you feel so good?)

Practice positive self-tweeting

THEauto-tweeting it's about writing positive messages to yourself, sharing what are essentially happy, funny, chanting and kind little messages. There is no need to share them with the online audience; the goal is give yourself charge and energy at the beginning and at the end of the day.

Immerse yourself in nature

Science has proven that over and over again spend time in nature has positive effects on mental health. One study 2015, for example, found that it can significantly increase emotional well-being and resilience. You don't need to live near a forest or a wood to immerse yourself in nature. A park or any quiet setting with some greenery where there aren't many people around is fine.

Breathe, relax and become aware of the sounds, smells and sights. Use all your senses for create greater awareness of the natural world. This exercise increases your resilience and restores energy and balance.

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