Inositol: properties, CONTRONDICATIONS and when to take vitamin B7

Inositol, also known as vitamin B7, is a substance that we take in part with food and is partly synthesized by our body. But what exactly is it for? Let's find out all the properties of inositol, the contraindications and when it is recommended to take it.

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The inositolo, Also known as Vitamin B7, is a substance that we assume in part with food and in part is synthesized by our body. But what exactly is it for? Let's find out all the properties of inositol, the contraindications and when it is recommended to take it.

First of all, it should be noted that inositol is incorrectly called a vitamin. In reality it differs a little from this classification as it can be produced autonomously by our organism starting from glucose which does not happen instead in the case of vitamins proper.

There may be some cases where the doctor decides to prescribe an inositol supplement as, after careful analysis, a deficiency is highlighted or you are in a particular moment of your life in which some health problems have arisen. However, remember that even in the case of vitamin supplements it is always good to ask an expert for advice, avoiding do-it-yourself.

Let's find out now the properties of inositol.




Several properties of inositol, among the most important there is certainly the fact of contributing, together with the other vitamins of group B, to energy metabolism or a produce energy useful to the body. This substance is then useful for the purification of the organism as it has positive effects on liver function and has been shown to be able to lower blood cholesterol levels.

Inositol is able to stimulate the mitochondria, responsible for ensuring the cells a correct supply of oxygen and this is important for the whole body. brain and nervous system included.

Finally, inositol is useful for sperm maturationIn fact, it has been seen that a deficiency can cause a reduction in the number and effectiveness of spermatozoa, thus generating greater difficulties in conception. It is also essential on the female side favoring the normal ovarian cycle.

In summary, the main properties of insositol are:

• Favor the energy metabolism

Help the liver in the purification work

• Helping the brain and nervous system

• Lower blood cholesterol levels

• Helping the maturation of spermatozoa

• Promote the ovarian cycle


As we have seen, the benefits of inositol are evident in different organs and tissues of our body. In fact, it helps in the production of energy, promotes purification and detoxification of the organism, counteracts the wasting of nerve and brain cells, lowers cholesterol, helps the immune system.

It can therefore be integrated, under medical advice, to enjoy one or more of the following benefits:

• Provide more energy to the body

• Protect blood vessels and lower cholesterol

• Help the heart and circulation

Strengthen the immune system

• Dpurge after prolonged drug therapies or in case of food poisoning

• In case of anxiety and panic attacks

• Problems sperm maturation

Polycystic ovary or other problems related to the ovarian cycle


In most cases it is not necessary to take synthetic inositol since this substance, in addition to being produced directly by the body, is naturally present in various foods. Among the foods to be included most often are:

• Egg yolk

• Fish

• Dried plums

Rice and whole grains

• Legumes

• Nights

• Oatmeal

• Oranges

• Banana


Like the B vitamins, inositol is also water-soluble and therefore dissolves in water and it is generally well tolerated. This does not mean, however, that you can take this supplement lightly as it can still have side effects especially if taken in high doses. The most frequent problems that can appear are thelaxative effect, nausea and stomach pain.


The inositol supplement commonly found in pharmacies it should only be taken on medical advice e if an actual deficiency has been found. Also because, remember, it is difficult to run into a deficit of this "non-vitamin" since not only the body synthesizes it but is also present in some foods. If anything, let's act first at the food level to avoid problems of inositol deficiency. Generally, however, despite the benefits that inositol offers, other types of supplements are chosen to deal with problems such as cholesterol or to purify the liver. In fact, there are more specific and effective natural remedies.

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