Hugs convey our emotions better than words

Hugs offer great benefits to our emotional health. We had already talked about the benefits of hugs and how a sincere hug can change our days for the better.

- Hugs offer great benefits to ours emotional health. We had already talked about the benefits of hugs and how a sincere hug can change our days for the better.

Recent scientific research has confirmed that, for example, hugs are a real cure-all in case of a cold but also a precious help to live better. Hugs are therefore good for both body health and emotions.

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For example, thanks to hugs we can improve our relationship with loved ones, remove worries and fears and at the same time contribute to the increase by our body of the production of substances that promote well-being, such as oxytocin.


Hugs are considered a form of not verbal communication which can greatly benefit our emotional life. As is evident, hugs help us to be closer both physically and emotionally to the people we love, they help us to strengthen bonds and make peace but also to give comfort and offer a moment of consolation to those who are suffering.

Hugs have a very special feature, they are gestures that belong to every culture and that allow us to communicate with others by overcoming language barriers.

A hug allows you to sharing emotions, warmth and closeness. This gesture is not just about human beings. Even animals hug each other in their own way, for example when they need to group or during mating.


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The art of hugging

Hugs are positive and rewarding when they come from someone we have a positive relationship with. A hug cannot and must never be a forced gesture. It must be as spontaneous as possible.

If we are in confidence with the person we want to hug - for example because it is our partner - we can express very specific indications and point to each other. how we prefer to be hugged so that the hug becomes an even more shared and aware gesture.

The hug has the power to strengthen the relationship with the other person. It is an intimate, warm, affectionate gesture that allows us to grow internally, to give our emotions to the other and to encourage sharing.

However, not all people love physical contact. If we would like to hug a person to console them, to comfort them or simply as a gesture of affection, but we are not sure of their reaction, we learn to ask for permission to hug.

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Babies need hugs

We all need hugs and in children in particular need contact with mum and dad through the embrace to grow in a more balanced way from both a physical and emotional point of view.

Hugs are considered very beneficial for the baby because they activate the areas of the brain that are related to emotions. When the child is hugged by his mother or father, he feels safe and he will remember the sweetness of this gesture for a lifetime.

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The benefits of hugs

The benefits of hugs are numerous and affect both the body and the mind. Let's try to summarize what are the main benefits of a hug to understand even better how important they are in our lives.

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  • A hug costs nothing and gives a lot of happiness
  • The hug is beneficial for the emotional life of children
  • Hugs help strengthen the relationship
  • They strengthen social bonds
  • They allow us to console and console
  • They favor the production of hormones and neurotransmitters for well-being
  • They help us convey affection and good feelings without having to use words
  • They improve our life and that of others
  • They help prevent colds
  • They promote healing
  • They improve blood oxygenation
  • They calm the mind
  • They give a feeling of well-being
  • They make us feel appreciated and loved
  • They are a non-violent form of communication
  • They strengthen self-esteem
  • They reduce stress
  • They are a cure-all in case of anxiety and depression

With a hug we create union and closeness, we strengthen an emotional relationship or a social bond, we give well-being and we feel better. They are reasons enough to remind us to give more hugs, don't you believe?

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