How do you squeeze lemons? We have always been wrong, the tricks to not waste even a drop

Some simple tricks to best squeeze the lemon and extract all its precious juice, without wasting even a drop

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How many times have we squeezed a lemon, yet we have probably always done it the wrong way. There are some small and simple tricks that will help us not to waste even a drop of the precious juice of this citrus fruit.

Opening the fridge, taking the lemon, cutting it in half and squeezing some juice, perhaps on vegetables or other dishes, is a routine gesture. But have you ever thought about how it should be done to make the most of all the lemon?

There are quick and easy ways to squeeze lemons, tricks that you can use individually but also all together. Here's how to do it:

  • First take the lemon to be squeezed out of the fridge. If it is at room temperature, in fact, it is easier to get all its juice out.
  • Before squeezing the lemon, let's pass it on a hard surface, for example the kitchen table or a cutting board, gently twirling it back and forth several times. Even this little trick that involves lightly pressing the peel favors the release of all the juice as it helps to break the membranes of the lemon pulp.
  • But, above all, cut it for a long time (therefore not horizontally as we are usually used to).

After doing these steps you can use the fork method which involves crushing the pulp, at the same time applying pressure with your fingers on the lemon zest.  

Did you know these ways to better squeeze lemons?

Also do not throw away the peels, if they are untreated or organic lemons you can candied them (the procedure is similar to that of candied orange peels), alternatively use them to make a fragrant pout pourri.

Source: Food Ndtv 

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