High Cholesterol: The plant-based diet was found to be the best to significantly reduce it in a few weeks

High cholesterol is a leading cause of death and according to studies, a vegetarian diet could help lower it

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High cholesterol is a leading cause of death and a vegetarian diet is the most effective at reducing it according to a review of studies.

Il high cholesterol it is a health threat, as it significantly increases the chances of heart attack or stroke. If you have high bad cholesterol levels, you need to lower it by following a specific type of diet. (Read also: Bad cholesterol: New guidelines suggest reducing it to a minimum to avoid strokes and heart attacks)

A collaboration between researchers from Keio University, Japan, and George Washington University, led to a review systematic and a meta-analysis of a plant-based diet. Looking at data from 30 observational studies and 19 clinical studies, they all showed that the following vegetarian diets would be associated with lower cholesterol levels compared to omnivorous diets. Researchers also noted that plant-based diets are also associated with a decrease in total cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, and high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, but not with a decrease in triglycerides. The latter are a type of fat in the blood and are our main source of energy. But if the levels are too high, this can increase the risk of heart disease. Triglycerides are found mainly in meat and, as a result, eliminating them from your diet could potentially lower their levels.

To improve blood cholesterol levels, therefore, it is advisable to eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and nuts, and choose foods low in saturated fat and salt.

A key dietary approach involves five servings of fruit and vegetables per day, whole starchy foods at each meal, a variety of plant foods rich in protein and healthy fats. The whole starchy foods best to consume are brown rice, wholemeal pasta and Quinoa, to name but a few. Other starchy foods:

  • whole grain bread
  • oats
  • barley
  • popcorn (without added salt and sugar)
  • buckwheat
  • amaranth

- plant foods rich in protein are:

  • beans
  • peas
  • lentils
  • tofu
  • ground soy
  • seitan
  • unsalted nuts and various seeds.

I healthy fats They include:

  • extra virgin olive oil,
  • sunflower oil,
  • corn oil,
  • soybean oil,
  • hemp oil,
  • peanuts, nuts,
  • oil seeds
  •  avocado.

In addition to following a healthy vegetarian diet, however lower cholesterol levelsIt is also important to control the portion sizes of meals.

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