Farewells and separations: how to overcome abandonment (without trauma)

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There are relationships that last for a lifetime and others that end much earlier, between farewells and separations, sometimes made only of silence. Overcoming abandonment can be difficult for some people.

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Yet we must learn to move forward even if the other at some point for a more or less known reason decides that he no longer has anything to do with us and disappears into thin air. It can be the end of a friendship or love, a quarrel between relatives or the end of a troubled working relationship, but the result is always the same: a separation trauma that can lead us to suffer for a lifetime. cause of fear of abandonment.

We must learn to let people who stray away from us go their own way. If they really want it and if it has to happen, they will come back, maybe when we least expect it. And at that point we will decide if we want them back by our side.

In life everyone has their own path to take e encounters are never casual. Abandonments and separations can represent a challenge for us, to learn how to become stronger and, above all, to be able to move on.


Indeed, separations do not always come to harm. It may be that after letting a person go their own way we will meet a better company that we would not have found if we had remained fossilized in the previous relationship.

Let's try let go without trauma people who no longer want to be part of our life or who no longer need us and to overcome the trauma of separation by following a few small suggestions.

Maybe we are in an unpleasant situation right now but we are not quite aware of it. Ours is nothing more than separation anxiety that keeps us tied to a person only because we fear we will suffer a lot in losing him. Yet having her close right now is causing us trouble and problems and not making us happy.

In this case it is necessary to try to overcome the fear of separation to start all over again and rebuild a new life. It could be a jealous partner or a friend that we can no longer trust for very specific reasons. If these people are already showing signs of detachment, probably letting them move away from us will become our salvation and an opportunity for rebirth.

If ours is a very problematic situation and if the separation will not only affect us but an entire family, it may be that we will not be able to face such a complex circumstance alone and that we will need help. It could be a trusted friend to confide in or an expert in interpersonal relationships to ask for some advice so as not to get too depressed and to prevent the separation situation and its consequences from turning into depression.

In some moments in life we ​​should really do our best for start all over again in case of irrecoverable relationships and to let go of the ballast, that is all those burdens, including people, that are dragging us down and are hindering our growth.

If we really want to face this moment of crisis, let's dedicate some moments of calm, we listen to our emotions, we learn to recognize and accept them, trying to leave aside the feelings of guilt and judgments towards ourselves and towards others. And finally, since we don't even know if it will be a lasting separation or a temporary situation - since life is always full of unexpected events - we once again take the opportunity to try to live moment by moment. So we will be able to recognize that moment in which the right person for this phase of our life will finally arrive at us.

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