Disconnected Day: let's disconnect from the internet to reconnect to real life

On February 22nd we celebrate the Disconnected Day, a date dedicated to the need to disconnect from our mobile phones for a while and in some way avoid addictions to technology.

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Would you be able to stay without internet and without smartphone at least for a day or for a weekend? Being connected to the net has great advantages from the point of view of information always at hand from all over the world, but is it really helping us to communicate better with others?

Sometimes the excessive use of the internet and smartphones risks creating a certain detachment in interpersonal relationships during normal daily life. How many times has it happened to you to go to a restaurant and see many people busy looking at their cell phones instead of conversing with each other?

Advances in technology can have both positive and negative sides. Some psychologists have begun to highlight certain disorders related toexcessive use of the internet and smartphones, including the fear of missing out on the latest online updates and the tendency to leave the house less to spend time browsing the web, a problem that has become increasingly evident in these two years in which we have been forced to give a cut to our social life, causes pandemic.

Some people have begun to realize that spending too many hours in front of the screen and looking for information on the internet is not exactly the most suitable and beneficial way to chase away boredom, since there are many alternative activities to have fun and above all to be in company.

Here then is where we start talking about a real one urban tribe who chooses to stay disconnected from the network.

These are people who have decided to stop compulsively checking emails and latest updates on Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok and to regain possession of their time to spend outdoors, with friends, playing sports, playing with children, walking in a park or simply reading a book.

It is not a question of giving up the smartphone but of reduce dependency on connecting to the web, to send messages and make calls only when it is really necessary.

The risk is that the excessive dependence on the internet and smartphones makes it more difficult to meet, converse face to face, spend time outdoors or with friends without always having a mobile phone in hand.

The network, computers and smartphones they are tools at our service, they are undoubtedly very useful but at the same time we must not become slaves of it.

It always exists a happy medium in the use of any type of tool, including smartphones and the internet, don't you think?

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