Homemade mint syrup

Mint syrup, perfect for summer, here's how to prepare it at home without dyes and preservatives and with natural ingredients

Homemade mint syrup

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Mint syrup, prescription to prepare it at home without dyes and preservatives, perfect for preparing drinks, slushes and desserts.

Mint syrup has been present for many years on the shelves of shops and supermarkets, characterized by its bright green color, but do not be fooled because the real homemade mint syrup takes on an amber color, slightly darker if you use cane sugar. to prepare it. However, the taste and flavor remain unmistakable and far more pleasant than industrial products based on dyes.

You can obtain and self-produce an excellent mint syrup with a few ingredients and steps: after having thoroughly washed the mint leaves, just grind them and mix with water and sugar. A short cooking will dissolve the sweetener and then leave everything to infuse for twenty-four hours, during which the mint will release its aroma, but not its green color. All that remains is to filter the mixture and store it in the refrigerator.

We recommend using organic mint or a home grown seedling.


  • 500 ml of water
  • 500 gr of brown sugar
  • 60 gr of organic mint leaves
  • 6 ml of lemon juice
  • Preparation Time:
    20 minutes
  • Cooking time:
    5 minutes
  • Rest time:
    24 hours
  • Dose:
    for 500 ml of syrup
  • difficulty:

How to prepare mint syrup: procedure

  • To put soak the mint leaves in water and bicarbonate, rinse and dry them using a centrifuge or a clean and unwashed cloth with fabric softener,
Homemade mint syrup
  • Than we put them in a food processor, add the lemon juice and finely chop.
Homemade mint syrup
  • To fill a pot with water, add the sugar and the freshly chopped leaves,
  • put on the stove and at moderate heat, melt the sugar,
  • when stirring with a spoon you will no longer hear the grains of sugar extinguish the heat,
  • cover up with food film and leave to infuse for about twenty-four hours.
Homemade mint syrup
  • It passed which filter the syrup, it will be useful to cover a colander with gauze so that the leaves are retained,
  • to matter point the mint syrup can be used immediately.
Homemade mint syrup

How to store mint syrup:

The mint syrup must be kept in the refrigerator and must be consumed within a few days, alternatively it can be pasteurized.

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