Because reusing plastic tubs of ice cream, yogurt and margarine isn't a good idea at all

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Once the tubs of ice cream, yogurt, margarine, etc. are empty. they should not be used to preserve food but only for creative recycling. We explain why

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After consuming a tub of ice cream, yogurt, margarine or other products enclosed in rigid plastic packages, with a view to saving and recycling (which we always encourage), we may happen to use them to store or freeze other foods. This is not a good idea though, and a German expert explains why.

To avoid plastic pollution we should buy bulk foods as much as possible but this is not always possible and therefore we often find ourselves at home with trays or rigid plastic packaging which seems a real shame to throw away, since they are still whole and can be reused.

However, these are actually food packaging designed for single use that should not be reused for storing food or drinks and not even for freezing. Improper use, in fact, it might involve health risks.

Dr Birgit Brendel from the Saxony Consumer Center explains that:

Tubs of ice cream, margarine, etc. they are disposable packaging which is not intended for further storage, freezing or heating.

As soon as you use the packaging differently or continue to use it, unwanted substances in the plastic could migrate to the food.

The expert gives a concrete example:

The ice cream tubs are designed for cold and frozen masses and are harmless to health when used in this way. However, if you fill these packages with hot soup, unwanted substances can be released due to the heat.

Some thermoplastics deform at higher temperatures and if the package is heated, the plastic can degrade and migrate into food.

Disposable packaging should therefore not be used for the storage of other foods. The best advice is always to use glass jars, also excellent for freezing food.

We do not throw away the empty trays, we reuse them in another way

Not being able to use them again for storing food, however, does not mean that we have to throw away our empty trays. Plastic packs are great as storage boxes, inside them you can keep pens, paper clips, screws, nails or jewels, just to name a few.

And then green light to the imagination, they are also well suited for creative recycling or to do chores with children.

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Fonte: consumer center

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