Autumn vegetarian recipes: Pear, Turnip and Gorgonzola soup

    Autumn vegetarian recipes: Pear, Turnip and Gorgonzola soup

    The pear is another protagonist of autumn that lends itself to many uses. Even to make us a soup!

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    La Pear is another wonderful autumn fruit, which we can find in nature in different varieties (and consequently with different tastes and textures), to be used both as ingredient for our recipes both as a morning or afternoon snack thanks to its rather high satiety index (precisely because of this nutritional property it is in fact also suitable for concluding a not very satiating meal).

    Outstanding as a dessert with red wine and vanilla, but also drowned in chocolate. A cool alternative instead is to try it as side dish in a salad or even better serve it next to your favorite cheeses.

    And how about if the we used as the main ingredient together with turnip, another undisputed star of this autumn season, for a healthy and tasty soup?


    • 2 Pears
    • 1 piece of tender celery
    • 1 Rapa
    • 1 small potato
    • 50g of spicy Gorgonzola
    • 20g of Butter
    • 1 small shallot
    • Salt and pepper


    Peel and cut into cubes celery, turnip, potato and two pears. Chop the shallot and fry it in a pan with butter. Add the celery, turnip, potato and pear cubes. Let it all flavor for a minute.

    Season with salt and pepper and cover with water in a pot with a lid. Let it simmer for about twenty minutes. At the end of cooking blend the soup and pass it through a colander. Pour it back into the pot and heat it slightly by adding the sliced ​​gorgonzola. Stir until the cheese has melted and turn off the heat.

    Finally decorate and serve the dish with a few slices of pear and gorgonzola, garnished with a little black pepper.

    Enjoy your meal!

    Gloria Mastrantonio

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