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In the era of PCs and tablets, pen and paper are in danger of disappearing but this would be a real shame since handwriting offers a series of advantages that should not be underestimated. We present 10 of them.

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In the era of pc and tablet, pen and paper are in danger of disappearing but this would be a real shame given that handwriting offers a number of benefits not to underestimate. We present 10 of them.

Technology undoubtedly suits us, accelerates and simplifies a series of actions but sometimes it also risks making us lose something good. There are few people today who continue to use pen and paper to write but this is a real shame especially for the effects that this habit has on our brain.

Let's find out the main advantages of writing by hand.


Enhance learning

One study found that writing not using a computer but a pen improves understanding of what you are doing. According to experts, taking notes by hand (so in a slower way) speeds up learning. This is due to the fact that handwriting does not allow, for reasons of time, to write down all the words of a speech and therefore forces the brain to think in order to transcribe the most important concepts, summarize them and then think about questions that make the clearer topic.

Improve brain development

A report published in Psychologhy today describes the importance for brain development of handwriting thanks to which the brain is able to have a functional specialization that integrates sensation, movement control and thought. To write legibly it is necessary to have a refined control of the fingers at the same time paying attention to what and how you are doing. They are used to do this a series of brain areas that are not activated by typing letters on a keyboard.

Improve the content of what you write

Students writing essays with pen they write more than those who use a computer. Furthermore, beyond what one might think, the goal is reached faster and the sentences used are more complete. To say this a research conducted by the University of Washington.

Help those with dyslexia

Handwriting is an integral part of the therapeutic work done on students who have dyslexia. Since all letters are written starting from a baseline and as the pen moves smoothly from left to right it is easier for dyslexic students (who have difficulty forming words correctly) learn to write using pen and paper.

Help older people's brains stay healthy

The Wall Street Journal reports on research that has discovered how handwriting is an excellent cognitive exercise against brain aging, therefore particularly recommended for the elderly.

Helps to make lists and stick to them

A handwritten list allows you to pursue your goals better and faster. It seems possible that writing, which is a concrete form of thinking, helps people derive information from their experiences by helping them guide their actions, thoughts and emotions towards the achievement of important goals.

It can calm the nerves

Writing is also a form of therapy. For example, some experts believe that putting pen to paper a calming phrase such as "I will be calmer" at least 20 times a day can actually help you stay calmer, especially if you have attention problems.

Helps to remember better

If you want to remember better, put your computer aside and take notes by writing by hand. Confirmation of this came from research from Princeton University that showed how handwriting information helps you remember it better later.

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It gives satisfaction and allows you to let off steam

Writing something in your own hand fist gives some satisfaction and can also help you let off steam in case there are specific problems or fears. It's a useful way to feel better right away delegating their concerns to the paper and promoting feelings of well-being.

It's nice

Do you want to receive a handwritten letter rather than a written one on the PC? Using the keyboard loses much of the beauty of writing. So let's not allow new technologies to steal this pleasure forever!

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