Ikigai, the Japanese secret to having a long and happy life

Ikigai, here is the Japanese secret to having a long and happy life, which has to do with having identified the meaning of life.

A study carried out a few years ago highlighted how important it is to find the meaning of life in order to feel good and live for a long time, its own meaning that can change over time but which seems essential to truly enjoy existence. And the Japanese confirm the theory in their own way.

It happens in the essay entitled “The Ikigai method. The secrets of Japanese philosophy for a long and happy life ”, written by the software engineer Héctor García and by the author of the already well-known“ Wabi-Sabi “, Francesc Miralles.

But what does it mean Ikigai? It is a term that combines the concepts of life and value, the secret of a long and happy existence, "its own raison d'etre, the reason that drives us to get out of bed every day, the happiness of dedicating ourselves daily to what we love ".

Not a simple passion, Ikigai is something more, it is the feeling that things are going where they should go, not because everything goes smoothly, but because despite these, the direction is the right one.

To reveal the secret, the two authors have reached a Japanese rural village, Ogimi, called "the village of longevity", where Ikigai is very popular. And perhaps not by chance given that out of 3.500 inhabitants there are at least a hundred centenarians, all experts in Ikigai, and accustomed to a healthy diet based on the consumption of seasonal foods, especially vegetables.

They are the ones who suggested to the authors of the essay how to identify Ikigai in our lives, suggesting that it is somewhere between what we are good at and what we love to do.

Further valuable advice, follow a simple formula much loved among the inhabitants of Ogimi: "Treat every person as if they were your brother, even if you have never met them before". Because stay and make community it is important to feel good, unlike individualism, which makes us selfish and separates us from each other.

But if you think that Ikigai has to do with the realization of big businesses, you are wrong, the meaning of life can be found even in small things, the important thing is feel good in doing them, feeling joy and vitality.

Because the "mission" can be different for each of us, the important thing is to discover it, perhaps starting to experiment with some hobbies and gradually bringing out one's vocation by asking simple but important questions. At the right moment, the Ikigai will reveal itself.

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