Psychosomatic gastritis, the burning that comes from within and speaks to you about you

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Gastritis often has a psychosomatic origin; body language speaks of a difficulty in "digesting" one or more experiences of our life.

Do not store avocado like this: it is dangerous Gastritis often has a psychosomatic origin: body language speaks of a difficulty in "digesting" one or more experiences of our life.

La gastritis she is ugly. There is no doubt, however, that heartburn that often occurs after a meal but also when fasting, perhaps accompanied by others symptoms (such as nausea, bloating, loss of appetite) speaks to us. The language of the body is clear even if it is expressed symbolically, through the functions of the different organs. As widely recognized by psychosomatics, it is like a code that alerts us to aspects that, until that moment, we had avoided considering.

Let's stay on the stomach: it performs a digestive function, following chewing. Digestion occurs thanks to the action of gastric juices, extremely acidic, formed by various enzymatic secretions and hydrochloric acid. At that point the food became "chimo"Can reach the intestine ready to be assimilated and metabolized.

When the digestive process is working perfectly we also have one good ability to "digest" the experiences we encounter in our life; even if there are difficulties, efforts, "bitter morsels"(Popular language is never accidental!) We can somehow find the resources to face them (or chew them) and then digest them, let them go somehow without"they stay on our stomach".

However, if these situations are repeated often or when, due to their strength, they represent continuous "punches in the stomach"(We feel that they attack, denigrate, belittle our person or the expectations on which we had placed our dreams, then they become threatening for our future), the body - through the burning symptom - tells us clearly: in your life c 'is something you can't digest; take care of it!

Pretending nothing doesn't work anymore. "Bite the bullet ”no longer works. Stress, sorrows, personal attacks that have been received from loved ones or from subjects to whom one cannot answer "for the rhymes": all or one of these indigestible morsels have crossed the line. Anger, resentment for injustices or because things do not go as you want, anxiety are burning (even if sometimes one does not really realize it, to "harbor" these emotions). In concrete terms, the possibility of containment and "automatic management" of this "food" that is perceived as bad, unpleasant, unbearable is over. The stomach lining can't take it anymore.

The burning that comes from within, the clear language of gastritis, invites us to take care of ourselves. Talk about the suffering of the soul, forced into situations that do not belong to her; on yet another level, it indicates the path that the Self would like to take: towards an authentic expression, which grasps the experiences of life as challenges to grow, improve, take responsibility and act accordingly with choices, orientations, decisions.

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Gastritis, therefore, although to some this may seem a somewhat original vision, in fact is an ally (uncomfortable, okay) of the person. It invites us to observe, with attention and intention, what our life does not do for us. Which experience, like it or not, is hurting us. It pushes us first to reflect and reason on the concept of "digestibility" and then invites us to make a leap of awareness: to recognize the teaching and the stimulus that events bring us and therefore to treasure them, not only in words but also in deeds.

Of course, all are useful and fundamental natural remedies or allopathic to cure it; it is excellent to do active movement (all the better if in nature) to release accumulated tensions. But any therapy will be more complete and profound if it also takes into account the information - for the conscience - that gastritis carries within itself.

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