Let's celebrate Valentine's Day first of all by loving ourselves

Let's celebrate Valentine's Day best with the greatest love that should exist in our life: self-love!

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They tell us that love is something magical, which we should desire and obtain, but they almost never tell us to love ourselves before loving others. Don't get us wrong, shared love with another person is wonderful, but it will never be enough if we don't have self-love first.

Loving each other, taking the time to think about yourself and do what we like and make us happy is the key to everything. We do not limit Valentine's Day by celebrating only couples in love, we celebrate love in all its forms, starting with those who love themselves first. Because self-love is the first and most important step to a happy life.

Here are 5 tips to help you build, work and increase self-love, and thus be able to celebrate Valentine's Day regardless of having a person next to you!


Improve what we think about ourselves

How many times have we felt uncomfortable comparing ourselves to others and what we think they expect of us? It's time to stop. Confrontation is an attack on self-esteem. Better to find a balance between who we are and what we want to become, recognizing our qualities and defining our learning areas.

Neither manipulation nor addiction

Manipulation or addiction are harmful forms of relating to others. We need to feel good and comfortable with ourselves regardless of what others think, say and do. As we mature emotionally, we are aware of our feelings and do not need to change others or influence their behavior to achieve our well-being.

Forgive us

Sometimes we are very hard on ourselves and we tend to judge ourselves heavily, but we are human, and we make mistakes. Rather than thinking about the mistakes, let's focus on the solutions. People who can build self-love recognize their mistakes, try to fix them, and more importantly, they learn.

Fighting fear with confidence

The fear of making mistakes, of not being up to par, of what others will tell us, of not being in control or of being afraid of losing it: these are just some of the fears we feel. We try to defeat fear with trust. Let's identify what scares us and let us trust our internal resources, to better face the different situations by remembering that, if we have overcome other crises, we will be able to overcome this too.

We can say no

Out of fear, insecurity, emotional dependence, passivity or lack of self-esteem we often end up saying "yes" to everything, forgetting about ourselves. We can say "no" when we want and thanks to that no we will find more time to love or love each other. We are the only ones who define the limits, before the load is unbearable.

"Fall in love with you, with life and after whoever you want" said Frida Kahlo. Let's celebrate self-love and pamper ourselves not only on February 14th, but always. Happy Valentine's Day!

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