Withdrawn this supplement due to the presence of ethylene oxide

    New recall for a supplement contaminated by ethylene oxide, the Carboglik by Farmac-Zabban produced in Acquaviva (San Marino)

    Don't store avocado like this: it's dangerous

    We are once again talking about a recall concerning a supplement, withdrawn from the market and reported by the Ministry of Health for the presence of the dangerous ethylene oxide inside it.

    The Ministry of Health has reported the recall of the food supplement Carboglik of Farmac-Zabban, sold in boxes of 30 coated tablets (36 grams total weight) and produced for Farmac-Zabban Spa by the company Aquaviva Srl in the Acquaviva plant (Republic of San Marino) in via Biagio di Santolino 11.

    Affected by the alert is only one lotto: the number 210203 with minimum conservation term (Tmc) 31/03/2024.

    The problem once again lies in: "values ​​beyond the allowed threshold of ethylene oxide " in this case in the ingredient Fabenol (Phaseolus vulgaris Bean Extract).

    Withdrawn this supplement due to the presence of ethylene oxide

    If you have purchased this product, do not consume it but return it immediately to the point of sale for a refund. 

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    Source: Ministry of Health 

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