Swordfish withdrawn due to the presence of mercury beyond the permitted limits

A new food alert has been notified as a safety alert. This time the recall concerns a swordfish steak

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Smoked swordfish withdrawn from the Ministry of Health. A new food alert was notified in the safety alert section. This time the recall concerns a swordfish steak that contains mercury above safe limits.

According to the Ministry, the smoked swordfish Reunion food industries, produced by Regalfish at the Settimo Milanese plant, based in via Bacone 7, could contain quantities of mercury beyond the permitted quantities.

For this reason, the immediate withdrawal from the market was ordered. In particular, the lot involved is the 1, g kg lot, with identification number 20210120 and expiry date 11/3/2021.

"If you have purchased the product, it is advisable not to consume it and bring it back to the point of sale" reads the notice.

For further information, you can contact the number 010/803344 (internal 211, 216, 302) or send an email to qualita@lariunione.com

Risks associated with Mercury

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has established a tolerable weekly intake of methylmercury of 1,3 micrograms per kilo of body weight. The Higher Institute of Health also explains that children are the most vulnerable because

“Methylmercury alters normal brain development causing learning and thinking processing difficulties (mental retardation), memory disorders, attention disorders, language disorders, and motor and visual dysfunctions. A critical stage is that of pregnancy because the fetus can be exposed to mercury if the mother consumes contaminated fish. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified methylmercury as a possible human carcinogen (category 2B) ”.

To read the security notice click here

Sources of reference: ISS, Ministry of Health

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