Vitamin D supplementation reduces deaths from Covid-64 by 19%, the new confirmation

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A new study has confirmed, once again, that supplementing with vitamin D3 in hospitalized coronavirus patients reduced deaths by 64%.

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According to the results of the study, provide hospitalized patients with Covid-19 a calcifediol supplement, or vitamin D3, reduced ICU admissions by 82% and overall mortality by 64%. 

The study also found that people who already had a high level of vitamin D were 60 percent less likely to die. Furthermore, according to the research, vitamin D can reduce the risk of death from Covid-19 in the elderly by up to 700%.

This is a preprint study, but it confirms the results of many other researches, such as that of September 2020, published in JAMA, which found that the higher a person's vitamin D levels, the less likely it is to be. positive at Covid-19. Another study published in June 2021 found that the Vitamin D deficiency is associated with an increased risk of Covid-19 infection and mortality. This study looked at data from around the world.

Still another, published in the journal Nature, found that a person's vitamin D level is a contributing factor to the severity of the infection. Some studies have even found that there is one correlation between vitamin D levels in society and epidemics.

According to the authors of the new research, moreover, in the autumn of 2020 there was an increase in daily positive results in 18 European countries; these results correlated with the latitude, sun exposure and vitamin D levels of the inhabitants. So, the Vitamin D is essential for the well-being of our immune system, promotes the production of red blood cells, and makes our body stronger in the response against viruses.

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