The Indian legend of the rabbit that teaches us how to face our fears

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You are afraid if you consider the situations you live in dangerous. An Indian legend teaches us how to face our fears,

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You are afraid if you consider the situations you live in dangerous. An Indian legend teaches us how to face our fears, which often arise only and only in our mind.

Fear is an emotion like many others, but we often overestimate it, it blocks us and you don't allow us to live intensely. We can choose whether to continue to stay still and motionless to suffer what happens to us or to become protagonists of our day.

Fear should not always be viewed in a negative way. Think for a moment: sometimes trying it can warn us of real danger and prompt us to act accordingly. Let's take an example: you are climbing a mountain, if you did not feel a little fear, you might not pay attention to what you are doing and you could easily fall into a ravine.

Again, if you didn't know that a snake can be poisonous, maybe you would grab it by the tail: a gesture that could be fatal to you. What does this all mean? You feel fear if you think you are facing a threat, something that can harm you. Other times, however, the same fear can block us in front of an obstacle or it can come between us and the projects we would like to carry out.

In both situations, fear must be recognized and accepted. We must first admit that we are afraid, know what emotions we are feeling and understand if this fear is protecting us or holding us back.

It being understood that eliminating fear from our life is not only wrong, but probably impossible. This is why we must learn to understand it, manage it and deal with it according to the situations we are going through.
La Indian story of the rabbit it teaches us more than fear.


The legend of the rabbit

The rabbit is one of 44 gods totem animals Native Americans, this story of Indian folk wisdom helps us to face our fears differently.

As we know, the rabbit is the animal that most symbolizes fear. He fears the lynx, the coyote, the eagle, the snake, all living beings that he unwittingly attracts.

In the tradition of Native Americans, the rabbit is instead a symbol of fertility and being a defenseless being, he was helped by the Great Spirit who gave him agility, speed, the ability to hide. Furthermore, because he is gifted with great flair, he is able to warn of impending dangers.

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Again, as little rabbits are born with their eyes open, they are believed to have the ability to keep the devil at bay. The message this animal sends is that although it is naturally inclined to be fearful, it manages to get by thanks to its survival instinct.

What does this story teach us?

Fear is a linked emotion to the survival instinct. We must not, therefore, be afraid to express ourselves and what we feel, even when it can hurt, because we are much stronger than we think. We stop having unnecessary fears that can hinder our emotional freedom. This is not to say that we should erase all fears, because in some cases fear is positive and saves our lives. We mean that we must not allow ourselves to be blocked by fear, but that we must face it and overcome it when we can to continue living at its best.

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