Stress: 10 warning signs

Stress: 10 warning signs

Stress. Stress represents one of the possible reactions implemented by our body in the face of external events that can be considered as a threat. Causes of stress can include job loss, divorce, the disappearance of a close relative or loved one, accidents, serious illness, and relocation. What can be its symptoms and warning signs of the presence of a stressful condition? Here are ten of them.

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Lo stress represents one of the possible reactions implemented by our organism in front of external events able to be regarded as one threat. Between causes of stress there may be loss of employment, divorce, the disappearance of a close relative or loved one, accidents, serious illness and relocation. But also, simply, the accumulation of tensions of various kinds, in the family or work environment.

What could be yours instead symptoms and warning signs of the presence of a stressful condition? Here are ten of them.


Nausea and vomit

Nausea and vomiting appearing for no apparent reason could be seen as warning signs of an incipient state of stress. If nausea and vomiting continue for a consistent period of time, appearing regularly, you could be faced with a real syndrome linked to states of anxiety and psycho-physical fatigue. In such cases it is necessary to integrate the lost liquids with water and try to trace the real source of the disorder, in order to be able to deal with it in the best possible way.

Hair loss

Stress is believed to be one of the causes of hair loss. They are related to stress alopecia aerata and more serious syndromes, capable of causing substantial hair loss in a short time. Sometimes it may not be easy to relate hair loss to a stressful situation, as it could take place even months after experiencing a stressful event, in the opinion of theAmerican Osteopatic College of Dermatology.

Nasal bleeding

La correlation between nasal bleeding and a stressful condition would be currently under investigation, but some studies have shown that there may be patients exposed to this problem during a stressful period. According to the British Medical Journal, this could be due to sudden changes in pressure which may be present due to stress. A natural help to rebalance blood pressure is the infusion of hibiscus flowers, better known as karkadè.

Memory difficulties

Memory difficulties could be a sign of stress, as according to the psychologist Jeffrey Rossman chronic stress would be able to expose the hippocampus, the area of ​​the brain that controls the short-term memory, to excessive levels of cortisol. This can inhibit the brain's ability to remember information recently learned. Identifying and removing the causes of stress could be a first step in solving the problem.

Weakened immune defenses

The weakening of the immune defenses is one of the most frequent signs of stress. This is due to the body's excessively prolonged release of catecholamine, hormones that contribute to the regulation of immune system, but that in excessive doses can interfere with this process. One of the simplest remedies to relieve stress, release tension and strengthen the immune system consists ofphysical exercise.

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Excessive sweating

La excessive sweating it can be an obvious and annoying sign of stress. It can particularly affect the areas of the hands and feet. In the most severe cases of excessive sweating, you may be faced with hyperhidrosis. Yoga and meditation can help with this specific symptom of stress and in general to deal with this condition.

Irritable bowel syndrome

La irritable bowel syndrome can be linked to one stressful condition. According to recent studies, stress may be able to cause changes in the interaction between the gut and the brain, responsible for the inflammation that leads to the onset of this syndrome. An aid for the solution of this intestinal problem could be represented by the intake of Probiotics, but at the same time it would be advisable to try to identify the causes of stress.

Muscle tensions

Sudden muscle tension, the appearance of nervous tics, stiffening of movements and the appearance of pain. Here are some physical signs that could be related to a condition of excessive stress accumulation of tensions psychological and emotional that manifest through the body. Yoga, meditation and relaxation exercises can be helpful in relieving tension at all levels.

Amenorrhea and impotence

Signs of stress can arise in a different way in men and women, involving the sphere of sexual health. As for women, going through very stressful situations could lead to the disappearance of the menstrual cycle (amenorrhea) for more or less prolonged periods. In men, stress is considered one of the most frequent causes of impotence.

Eczema and psoriasis

Eczema, Psoriasis and skin manifestations of various kinds can be counted among the warning signs of a stressful condition. In fact, they can occur more frequently in people subject to strong tensions and worries. In case of psoriasis, it is possible to resort to some natural remedies to relieve symptoms.

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