Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables: August shopping

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Fresh, rich in water and mineral salts, the fruit and vegetables of August help us to cheer us up, to refresh ourselves, to quench our thirst

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Fresh, rich in water and mineral salts fruit and vegetables of August helps us to cheer us up, to refresh ourselves, to quench our thirst and above all to avoid a dangerous dehydration of our body.

Long awaited these summer holidays have finally arrived, and what could be more pleasant than enjoying one nice slice of watermelon after the afternoon siesta or savoring a delicious and healthy plate of spaghetti with garlic, oil and chilli pepper for dinner after returning from a tiring and hot day at the beach?

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So let's see what we can find on the market stalls in this hot and idle month of August




A peculiarity of the Pepperoni is that it is very rich in Vitamin C, and very low in calories. Difficult to digest (especially if not skinned) it has though antioxidant properties with beneficial effects on health, being an excellent prevention against premature aging, against cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

From the different varieties, one of the most particular is certainly the chili pepper, with a spicy flavor, and multiple disinfectant, antibacterial and above all aphrodisiac properties.


Crunchy and spicy, the reds Ravanelli they add that extra flavor to salads and cold dishes. Fantastic to drink, in a non-alcoholic cocktail alongside tomatoes and lettuce, radishes contain a good level of Vitamin C.

With its calming properties it was used by the ancient Romans as a remedy for insomnia. Ideal for growing in home gardens, this vegetable also has diuretic and purifying properties and is an excellent ally for our skin, if blended and applied as a mask on our face, radishes help us in fact to eliminate the annoying spots that can form after a summer tan.

And again in your vegetable basket for this month you could put:

  • rocket salad
  • rhubarb
  • new potatoes
  • beets
  • carrots
  • celery
  • peas
  • tomatoes
  • cucumbers
  • lettuce
  • zucchini
  • eggplant
  • green beans



Fresh and thirst-quenching, theWatermelon is the queen of our fruit basket of the month of August. In the form of sorbet but also simply cut into slices, watermelon (or watermelon) is excellent to end a light summer dinner.

This fruit, with a red and fleshy pulp enriched with black or white seeds, contains 90% water, with very few calories it is therefore recommended in low-calorie diets, obviously without exaggerating. Comparable to a long life elixir, due to its antioxidant properties, watermelon is truly one of the pleasures of this hot and colorful summer.


As a mid-morning snack, perhaps inside a nice slice of white pizza, i figs thanks to their consistency and sweet taste they give us the right energy to face the long days of August. Technically the only fruit actually, the fig, contains 1.000 small fruits generally considered the seeds.

From the many varieties, the most common figs, however, are those with green and black skin. Very rich in mineral salts, this fruit is however one of the sweetest with its high caloric content (74 kcal per 100 g). From the laxative effect, if consumed in abundance, the fig is a good source of potassium, iron as well as A, B and C and fiber.


From August to early September, the More so sweet and juicy they literally make us lick our mustaches if eaten as a dessert, sprinkled with a little brown sugar or even better covered with soft cream. Rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, they are an excellent prevention against cancer.

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From the high fiber content, thanks to the high quantity of seeds, blackberries also have purifying, diuretic, antirheumatic properties and they help us fight cardiovascular diseases by keeping arteries clean and elastic, as they help eliminate "bad" cholesterol from the blood. The collection of wild blackberries, for delicious homemade jams, could be a good excuse to arm yourself with a bucket, and get ready for a nice country excursion.

Throughout the month of August we can still find:

  • strawberries
  • Kiwi
  • pears
  • cherries
  • medlar
  • prunes
  • melosine
  • apricots
  • peaches
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