Salmonella contaminated cheese withdrawn: brand and batch

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This cheese has been withdrawn by the Ministry of Health because it may have been contaminated with the salmonella bacterium

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Cheese potentially contaminated with salmonella. New food alert from the Ministry of Health that recalled a batch of cheese, the consumption of which could be dangerous for health.

According to the ministerial note, the Piedmontese Raschera cheese can be contaminated by the salmonella bacterium. It was produced by the Ceirano - Villosio srl dairy, with headquarters in Scarnafigi (CN) in via Principe Amedeo 14.

The Ministry reports the microbiological risk linked to the presence of Salmonella spp (Salmonella Brandenburg) in the product.

In particular, the cheese involved is sold whole at retail and is characterized by the number of lot 06-06-2020, expiring on 9-11-2020.

If you have recently purchased it, avoid consuming it and bring it back to the point of sale for an exchange or refund.

To read the security notice click here

Sources of reference: Ministry of Health

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