Red rice: properties, nutritional values, where to find it and better cooking

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Red rice is an oriental rice variety that is also grown in the Po Valley. Fair trade brown red rice is grown in Thailand and Indonesia.

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Il red rice is a variety of oriental rice which is also grown in the Po Valley. Fair trade brown red rice is grown in Thailand and Indonesia.

Closer to us, in the South of France, we find the cultivation of Camargue red rice. In any case, it is a dark red long-grain rice, usually wholemeal, often from organic cultivation, which requires longer cooking times than refined rice but which has the advantage of containing more fiber and mineral salts.

Let's find out the varieties, properties and how to cook red rice.



Red rice, varieties and where to find it

We can find red rice on sale in some supermarkets, in shops of organic products, in shops of typical local products, in fair trade and online shops.

There are several variety of red rice, we list some that you can choose from based on the products you will find at your disposal.

Whole grain red rice

  • Organic whole red rice
  • Camargue red rice
  • Red Thay brown rice from Thailand
  • Brown Java red rice from Indonesia

Red rice, properties and benefits

Red rice is normally produced and sold as brown rice compared to refined rice maintains a greater content of fibers and mineral salts. Red rice is an important source of mineral salts such as phosphorus and magnesium.

It is a low-fat, high-fiber food. It is a source of carbohydrates but at the same time it also provides our body with some vegetable proteins.

The ideal combination of brown red rice to obtain complete proteins, as for the others variety of rice and cereals, is with legumes, for example chickpeas and beans.


Red rice is a prized brown rice that grows in clayey soils, often in the wild. From these characteristics derives his aromatic flavor and unmistakable.

Red rice is one source of antioxidants and it comes recommended, especially since it is one variety of brown rice, to promote the proper functioning of the intestine and to keep blood cholesterol levels under control.

Consuming brown red rice helps reduce the risk of obesity and to keep blood sugar low. Its richness in mineral salts makes red rice beneficial for the bones.

Red rice:

  • It is rich in fiber
  • It is a variety of brown rice
  • It often comes from organic farming
  • It is a source of mineral salts
  • Helps lower cholesterol
  • Helps to keep blood sugar under control
  • It's good for your bones
  • It is a source of antioxidants
  • Reduces the risk of obesity

Fermented red rice

You may have heard of the fermented red rice. While brown red rice is the product we use in cooking, fermented red rice is a natural supplement thought to lower cholesterol. It is not obtained from red rice but from ordinary rice which is fermented according to a particular process that makes it able to keep blood cholesterol at bay.

Red rice, nutritional values

The following nutritional values refer to 100 grams of red rice in the original brown rice variety.

  • Energy 350 kcal
  • 1,95 g fat
  • Saturated fatty acids 0,40 g
  • G carbohydrates 71,9
  • Sugars 1,9 g
  • Fiber 6,3 g
  • 8,1 g protein
  • Salt 0,0 g
  • Phosphorus 365 mg
  • Magnesium 155 mg

Red rice, how to cook it best

Red rice has two main cooking modes. In fact, you can prepare boiled red rice or steamed red rice. THE cooking times of red rice are approx 35 40-minute but it all depends on the chosen variety. Therefore, to regulate the cooking times of red rice you will have to check what is indicated on the package, also referring to the cooking methods.

As with any type of rice, the advice is rinse it before starting cooking and the preparation of your dishes to eliminate any impurities. The trick for reduce cooking times for red rice - but also rice in general and legumes - is to leave it to soak for a few hours before cooking. Then the rice will be drained and boiled or steamed using new water.

Here how to cook red rice:

  1. Wash the red rice.
  2. Put 1 part of red rice, 2 parts of water and 1 pinch of salt in a saucepan.
  3. Bring to a boil and cook over low heat for about 35-40 minutes.

Il ideal dressing for oriental red rice it is based on curry and spices. When you have prepared it, you can season or accompany your brown rice with sautéed seasonal vegetables or with boiled legumes, such as chickpeas or beans.

Remember that you can use red rice to make gods first dishes but also for side dishes and as a filling for vegetables, as well as for making flans and timbales. Finally, red rice is ideal for prepare salads and cold dishes.

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