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If you, like me, love it in all seasons but do not own an ice cream maker and have no desire to buy another tool that swallows up electricity to store in your kitchen, I will reveal some of the easy easy ways to make good ice cream yourself. without necessarily being equipped with hi-tech ice cream makers of any kind

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If you too like me love it in all seasons but you don't own an ice cream maker and you have no desire to buy one another tool that swallows up electricity to put away in your kitchen here are some of the easy easy ways to make us good gelato without necessarily being equipped with hi-tech ice cream makers.

1) The first idea is easily achievable with a mixer, frozen fruit (or previously frozen) vegetable cream and brown sugar. What do you have to do? simple! Blend everything, serve and enjoy!

2) Another idea to be able to make your own ice cream, as the site suggests, is to combine a cup of milk with sweetener such as cane sugar or malt, place the mixture in a food container and put everything in the freezer: every half hour take out the container, turn and place back in the freezer going on like this until the ice cream has reached the right consistency! We could also say that this "ice cream" is light given theabsence of cream and, therefore, why not enrich it once served in the cup with chocolate flakes or a cascade of fresh fruit !?

3) Another idea, this time instead suggested by the blog, allows us to use the conductive power of metals…and how? Easy! it is enough to start from a container of a metal material that is good conductor of heat ... or in this case ... of cold ... such as stainless steel, for example, and large enough to contain all our fantastic ice cream but not too big not to fit in ours freezer. So let's put the chosen container in the freezer and forget about it for one night!

The next day just get the essential ingredients for ours gelato handmade...

  • vegetable milk and cream
  • cane or malt sugar
  • potato starch or corn starch
  • and our extra ingredient, chocolate if we want it with chocolate, orange peel if we want it with a delicate orange flavor, vanilla pods if we want it with vanilla… and so on. We could go on forever but for our example let's say it is chocolate, dark of course.

Take a whisk, the ones used to whisk the egg whites, and after having poured the milk + cream mixture into a bowl (in proportions 1: 1, therefore 100g of milk + 100g of cream) that we will have previously heated and in to which we have dissolved our sweetener in the proportions 2: 1 that is 2 parts of milk and 1 of sweetener (so in our case 200g milk & cream + 100g sweetener), add 2 tablespoons of potato starch or corn starch and our extra ingredient, so we said dark chocolate flakes, also in a quantity equal to the sweetener (so in our case 100gr).

Now mix everything well with a whisk and place on the fire in a saucepan.

We will heat everything, always turning everything well and as soon as we see that it begins to boil, and therefore to thicken, we will turn off the heat and pour the mixture after having allowed it to cool slightly in our bowl taken directly from the freezer, then stir well with the whisk to a few minutes and we will put everything in the freezer for about an hour.

All that remains is to remove from the freezer, stir with the whisk and put it back in the freezer, continuing like this for another 2 or 3 times. Finally, after having stirred for the last time, we will place our ice cream in a freezer container (perhaps reused from an old ice cream purchased), keeping it for one night before being able to consume it.

Seeing is believing! and voilà the homemade ice cream is ready!

4) Finally, a last homemade method is certainly the artisan one make a granita or sorbet yourself. Start with the juice of your favorite ingredient, the taste you want your delicacy to have, for example coffee, apple juice, lemon or fruit juice, add sugar or malt to your mixture and according to your taste then place in a bowl of metal in the freezer for half an hour. Remove from the freezer, mix the semi-frozen mixture well and store again. Repeat the operation a series of times until the consistency satisfies you.

The advice is to always keep a nice stainless steel bowl in the freezer... because you never know when the urge takes!

Good feast.

Kia - Carmela Giambrone

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