Ethylene oxide in Greek yogurt: brands and lots withdrawn from supermarkets

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More ethylene oxide in food. The withdrawal of several batches of Greek fruit yogurt sold by MD and Esselunga has been arranged

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The trail of food recalls in our country continues. In the last few hours, the Ministry of Health has issued the communication concerning the withdrawal from the shelves of some batches of yogurt due to chemical risk. And, as now happens almost every day, also in this case the products have been recalled as a precaution due to the presence of traces of the dangerous ethylene oxide (toxic pesticide, whose use in food is prohibited in Europe) contained in one of the ingredients used as a thickener, namely the carob seed flour. 

The withdrawal in question concerns several packages of Greek fruit yogurt sold in 150 gram jars in supermarkets MD ed Essence. 

Brands and lots withdrawn 

  • Greek yogurt 0% fat Apple and Cinnamon Esselunga (150 gr): production batch G41L195; expiry date 2/09/2021
  • Esselunga Greek Yogurt 0% Fat Berries (150 gr): production batch G41L201; expiry date 08/09/2021
  • Greek Yogurt 0% Raspberry Fat (150 gr): production lot G41L181 with expiry date 9/08/2021 and production lot G41L201 with expiry date 08/09/2021
  • Greek Yogurt Apple and Cinnamon Kalos (150 gr): production batch G41L195 expiring 02/09/2021; production batch G41L201 expiring 08/09/2021
  • Greek Yogurt Mirtillo Kalos (150 gr): production batch G41L181 expiring on 19/08/2021; lot G41L188 expiring 26/08/2021; lot G41L195 expiring 02/09/2021; lot G41L201 expiring 08/09/2021

If by chance you have one of these yogurts in the fridge, do not consume them and bring them back to the store where you bought them. 

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Source: Ministry of Health

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