Ethylene oxide: Coop recalls Benesì gluten-free rusks

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Recalls continue for products which, even in our country, are contaminated by ethylene oxide. Among these there are two batches of Benesì Coop gluten-free rusks.

Just today we told you about some packaged ice creams withdrawn from the European market due to the possible presence of ethylene oxide. 

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Among the references, however, there is also that of two lots of Benesì biscuits sold in packs of 250 g.

As stated in the note issued by Coop through its website, the reason for the recall is as follows: "Contains ethylene oxide higher than the legal limit in an ingredient ".

These are the lots:

Lot 1077 - Expiration 18/11/2021

Lot 1082 - Expiration 23/11/2021

EAN identification code 8001120937308

These products have been sold in some unspecified Coop stores but have already been withdrawn from sale. However, we pay attention if we have purchased this product and check the lot. If it matches those reported, it must be returned to the store for a refund. 

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Source: Coop

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