Erba Mate: all the benefits and how to best enjoy it

    Grass Mate (also called Erva Mate, Yerba Mate or Cimarrón) is an evergreen plant native to Brazil and Paraguay

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    THEMate herb (also called Erva Mate, Yerba Mate or Cimarrón) is an evergreen plant native to Brazil and Paraguay, but also widespread in other regions of South America. Starting from the leaves of its tree, which can reach several meters in height, it is possible to derive the namesake beverage, of which the populations of South America have appreciated for centuries numerous beneficial properties. It is said, for example, that Ernesto Che Guevara took an infusion of mate leaves to treat the ailments caused byasthma.

    Scientific studies have recently confirmed the positive health effects of the exotic drink. In fact, it seems that the active ingredients contained in it are able to eradicate the cancer cells responsible for colon cancer, literally leading them to death. The research was conducted by a group of experts from theUniversity of Illinois and its results have been published by the scientific journal “Molecular Nutrition and Food Research”.

    The herbal mate infusion is also rich in polyphenols, which guarantee a beneficial action antioxidant on the cells of our body. Its intake is recommended in case you are looking for one energizing drink alternative to coffee and free from side effects. In fact, the Grass Mate contains a substance similar to caffeine, the mateina, which, however, would have inherited exclusively positive properties from its best known relative and would therefore be able to give our body and mind an immediate sensation of well-being and relaxation, which would not lead to palpitations or a sense of agitation.

    Hiring a herbal mate infusion in the evening it can be useful to help the body a recover your energy lost throughout the day. This drink also is suitable as an after-meal, date the note digestive properties, able to promote the activity of the stomach and intestines. It is able to effectively stimulate the diuresis, thus proving useful in case you need to facilitate the elimination of excess fluids and the work of the kidneys. This feature makes it suitable for prevention of stone formation. The herbal mate infusion works as a stimulant for proper activity of the cardiovascular system.

    Erba Mate: all the benefits and how to best enjoy it

    Due to its satiating effects, Herb Mate is often referred to as a completely natural adjuvant in slimming diets. It is also believed that it can help our mind regain the concentration lost. This makes it a panacea both for students and for all those who carry out professions that require the maintenance of a very high level of attention.

    The leaves of the mate in South America are still processed as required by the tradition. After harvesting, they are left to dry in the sun for twenty-four hours. This is followed by a shredding procedure carried out by means of a special mill. After that, the Mate is ready to be used. The drink can be prepared like regular teathat is, leaving the leaves to infuse for a few minutes in boiling water and filtering the liquid immediately afterwards.

    Erba Mate: all the benefits and how to best enjoy it

    Alternatively, you can take the drink by following one special ritual, just as it was practiced by the Indios of the gods tribe Guaranì, who are considered the discoverers. In this case it will be necessary to have a special container at your disposal, called matt o matero, and a special straw, the bulb. Using these tools, after covering the grass mate leaves with boiling water and waiting a few minutes, you will be able to sip the infusion without having to filter it and therefore without removing the leaves. The Grass Mate, original, organic and ready to use, can be found in the shops of Fair trade.

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