Cabbage: 10 recipes to enjoy it at its best

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Recipes with cabbage. We offer you a collection of recipes to prepare with cabbage, particularly suitable for the autumn and winter table.

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La savoy cabbage it is a tasty and very versatile ingredient, definitely worth rediscovering. You can choose cabbage as a basic ingredient for the preparation of first courses, main courses and side dishes.

Here is a collection of 10 recipes with cabbage to be experimented, perfect to bring to the table especially in autumn and winter, for a healthy cuisine based on seasonal ingredients.

Cannelloni with cabbage and carrots

You can prepare excellent at home cannelloni with cabbage with durum wheat semolina pasta and homemade vegetable béchamel. You will also need carrots, nutmeg and chives, onion or a clove of garlic for flavor. THU the complete recipe.

Cabbage rolls and curry potatoes

Here's a great idea to use cabbage as a wrap for yours rolls. For the filling you will need potatoes, stale homemade bread, onions and breadcrumbs. To flavor you will choose curry and you can also add a pinch of chilli. THU the vegetarian recipe where, if you want, you can replace the egg with vegetable milk or homemade bechamel with rice milk to mix the ingredients well.

Savoy cabbage risotto

Il risotto with cabbage it is a typical recipe of the autumn season, but also winter, it is first course filling and easy to make, perfect for one low-calorie diet it also contains vitamins, mineral salts and purifying properties. Here is the recipe to follow step by step for a perfect risotto with cabbage.

Cabbage rolls stuffed with rice

Here is a recipe to prepare excellent cabbage rolls stuffed with rice. You will need cabbage leaves, rice and other simple ingredients. THU the complete recipe for preparing cabbage rolls stuffed with rice.

Cream of cabbage

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Savoy cabbage is an excellent ingredient for making your own velvety autumn and winter creams. You can combine the cabbage with medium yellow potatoes, red onion, heart of celery and extra virgin olive oil. Salt, pepper and chilli for seasoning. THU a recipe to inspire you.

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Savoy cabbage meatballs (vegan recipe)

Savoy cabbage is a truly versatile ingredient. You can use it to prepare excellent homemade vegetable meatballs paired with potatoes, onion, extra virgin olive oil and breadcrumbs. A very simple and easy to make recipe. THU the complete recipe.

Baked cabbage chips

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Not just fries. With the cabbage you can prepare healthy baked chips. You simply have to wash and dry the cabbage leaves, arrange them on a baking sheet and season them with oil and salt and then let them cook until they are crispy. THU the complete recipe to prepare the cabbage chips in the oven.

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Homemade sauerkraut

With the cabbage you can prepare the homemade sauerkraut. It involves cutting the cabbage into thin slices and letting it ferment in salt, arranging everything in layers. The rest should last about two weeks and then pour the ingredients into jars for preserves, sterilized in boiling water. THU all instructions.

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Steamed ravioli stuffed with seitan and cabbage

Savoy cabbage is a perfect ingredient for the filling of your steamed ravioli. This dish is inspired by the oriental tradition and can be useful for organizing one ethnic dinner in key vegan. For the stuffing of the steamed ravioli you will need cabbage, seitan, carrot, onion and fresh ginger. THU the complete recipe.

Vegetarian roast with cabbage and mushrooms

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THEvegetarian roast it can be a truly original dish and include among its ingredients seasonal products such as cabbage and mushrooms, but also garlic, dried fruit, eggs and cheeses. At the base of this preparation we find cooked cereals (for example barley or rice) to be combined with the other ingredients to complete the preparation of the roast. THU the complete recipe.

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