Surround yourself with people who help you give your best!

    Surround yourself with people who help you give your best!

    Surrounding ourselves with people who encourage us to give the best of ourselves and to believe in our potential is important and by no means taken for granted.

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    How important is it to surround yourself with people who encourage us? And how much do negative people, always ready to point out what's wrong, influence us?

    In recent years, the current of positive thinking, very popular in the West, has often reiterated the importance of thinking optimistically and being surrounded by people who share a similar perspective. Definitely a useful suggestion, even if a little limiting.

    Because in everyday life it is inevitable to have to deal with people of all kinds, experiences that are not always positive and fluctuating thoughts. And positive thinking can be forced in some cases, although facing life with an optimistic attitude is certainly a good starting point.

    While with regards the people around us, definitely do a little bit of selection it doesn't hurt. Because like it or not, we are all conditioned from the outside and having to deal with too negative individuals, defeatists and always ready to judge us and not to believe in our potential can be counterproductive. Because although believing in yourself is essential regardless of what others think, it is not always easy to succeed if you only have hostile people around.

    However, it's not about eliminating anyone who doesn't exactly fit our outlook on life, nor anyone who doesn't fit our perspective. It is always interesting and enriching to deal with individuals who think differently, but if negativity is the common thread of all our friendships, then maybe a minimum of "sorting" must really be done.

    Especially if we realize that being in their company does not make us feel good, but it makes us sad, exhausted, depressed. "Symptoms" that should not be underestimated because, without the need for reason, they are able to reveal to us who are the right people or not.

    On the other hand, that surrounding oneself with encouraging and positive people is healthy say many researchers and experts, including Doctor Christiane Northrup, who speaking in an episode of "Super Soul Sunday" by Oprah Winfrey, declared that positive and happy people they constructively infect, pushing us in the same direction. While those who live in negativity tend to tear us down, dragging us downwards.

    But then which path to take, which friends to keep and which people to turn away? To make the right choice you need a little inner flair, without however falling into extremist attitudes, confusing different points of view with an attitude of negativity. They are two different things and it is important to know how to distinguish them. But one thing is certain: whoever does not believe in us, does not support us and never encourages us to give the best of ourselves, is not doing us good!

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