Ethylene oxide also in yogurt: Esselunga recalls the batches containing the pesticide

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Two batches of yogurt were withdrawn from Esselunga supermarkets due to the presence of ethylene oxide, a dangerous pesticide

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Lethylene oxide does not spare yogurt either. After the recent recall of dozens of batches of veggie burgers, now the dangerous pesticide has also been found in yogurt.

The alarm was raised by the Esselunga chain of stores, which withdrew two yogurts from the Equipoise line from its shelves. According to the safety notices published in the product recall section, the low-fat strawberry yogurt and the 8-jar low-fat yogurt package have been withdrawn. 

due to the presence of ethylene oxide in an ingredient (carob seed flour).

It is a food additive often used as a thickener and stabilizer; it can be found in confectionery products, in jams and even in processed meats and sweeteners. This makes this warning even more frightening as the food use of ethylene oxide has been banned in Europe for years.

Here all the details related to the yogurt withdrawn:

  • Low-fat strawberry yogurt Equilibrium - Esselunga (Safety notice here)
  • Low-fat yogurt Equilibrium 8X125 G - Esselunga (Safety notice here)

If you have purchased these yogurts, check the batches and avoid consuming them.

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Sources of reference: Esselunga

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