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A collection of easy-to-prepare vegan recipes from appetizers to desserts, but also sauces and focaccias for all tastes

There are so many vegan recipes that we can easily prepare at home to enrich ours supply of completely plant-based foods. The vegan recipes they allow us to always prepare new dishes based on vegetables, legumes and cereals, but also tasty fruit desserts, cakes and healthy desserts.

With the recipes we have collected for you you can prepare vegan menu always different, from appetizers to desserts, for any occasion, or simply choose some dish to bring to the table every day for lunch or dinner, perhaps following the seasonality of the proposed ingredients.

Who is fond of self you will find many useful tips to prepare tofu, seitan, vegetable yogurt, bread, focaccia, vegetable milk, juices, smoothies and other delicacies at home, always in a 100% vegan key. You can consider vegan recipes as a starting point and, if necessary, vary some ingredients according to your tastes.

To learn how to organize a balanced vegan diet, don't forget to follow the advice of the experts. Below we propose you further 100 vegan recipes all to be experimented to bring always new and different dishes to the table.


Vegan recipes: aperitifs and appetizers


If you want to organize a complete vegan menu, start with appetizers and aperitifs, which you can bring to the table for your special occasions. Between vegan recipes for aperitifs and appetizers you cannot miss the fantastic chickpea hummus, which is always very appreciated, even by those who taste it for the first time. Then you can go classic and prepare rice salads, pasta salads and the beloved quiches.

Quick cold appetizers beyond ham and melon

Savory baked potato donuts

Summer fruit gazpacho

Gazpacho: the original recipe and 10 other variations

Autumn spelled salad with pomegranate grains and pumpkin seeds

Venus rice salad with carrots, peas and zucchini

Cereal salads: 10 recipes for all tastes

Salads in a jar: 10 recipes to prepare them at home

Spring rolls: 10 summer recipes

Spring rolls: the recipe for making them at home

Cold pasta: the universal recipe

Home made piadina with chickpea falafel

Mint-scented salty zucchini plum-cake

Vegan steamed ravioli

Taralli: how to prepare them at home with sourdough

Vegan recipes: the first


What are your favorite first courses? The recipes of traditional first courses are easy to revisit in a vegan key. Otherwise you can invent new recipes to bring to the table vegan first courses always different at lunch and dinner every day and on festive occasions. For example, for pasta you can choose homemade sauces and seasonings based on seasonal vegetables. To season rice or couscous you can give preference not only to vegetables but also to legumes, seeds and dried fruit.

Pasta with pumpkin and pine nuts

Spelled with Romanesco broccoli

Semolina flan with pumpkin and broccoli (vegan recipe)

Saffron pasta with courgettes and aubergines

Vegan cannelloni: the recipe to prepare them at home

Carbonara: 10 vegan and vegetarian recipes

Couscous: 10 easy recipes to prepare

Quick chickpea cream with rosemary croutons

Carrot gnocchi with asparagus

Turmeric semolina dumplings

Rice salad: 10 healthy and easy to prepare recipes

Spelled salad: 10 recipes for all tastes

Vegetarian and vegan lasagna: 10 tasty recipes

Barley: 10 winter recipes

Vegetable paella

Pasta with green cabbage, leeks and turmeric

Pasta and beans: 10 recipes and variations for all tastes

Ravioli and tortellini: 10 vegetarian and vegan recipes for filled pasta

Wild red rice with artichokes

Risotto with red radicchio with almonds and apples

Pumpkin and mushroom risotto

Spring risottos: 10 healthy and purifying recipes

Winter risottos: 10 vegetarian and vegan recipes

Vegetable spaghetti: benefits, tips and recipes

Wholemeal spaghetti with caper, courgette and ginger sauce

Rice cake with turmeric and basil

Spelled and bean soup

Autumn soups: 10 recipes to taste

10 winter soups

Vegan recipes: the main courses


You are always undecided about vegan main courses to prepare? Among our proposals you will find many easy recipes to bring always different vegan main courses to the table. Among the easiest recipes to make here are the vegetable burgers based on chickpeas or boiled beans, to be served with a nice side of vegetables.

Baked tofu veggie burger with cabbage and carrots

Cabbage burger: 5 anticancer recipes

How to prepare seitan yourself… instantly

How to prepare chickpea falafel at home

Curry potato dumplings

Chickpea porridge: 10 recipes and variations

Veg cheeses: 10 recipes to prepare them at home

Spinach and lentil meatballs on Jerusalem artichoke cream

Tofu and spinach meatballs

Seitan meatballs with sauce

Vegetable meatballs: red lentils, tofu and spices

Vegetable meatballs: millet, vegetables and turmeric

Spinach and potato medallions

Seitan do-it-yourself: the complete procedure to prepare it

Veg sushi: 10 tasty recipes

Scrambled tofu: the recipe for making it at home

Lentil and amaranth pie

5 veggie burger recipes

Vegan recipes: vegetables and side dishes

Le vegetables and vegetables they are perhaps the most important foods that we can introduce into our diet and are the basis of the vegan diet. In fact, we should eat at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day but in one vegan diet this indication will cover even more portions. So to avoid a monotonous diet we can choose vegetables that are always different at various times of the year according to the season.

Chicory salad

Carrots Sweet & Sour

10 seasonal side dishes as well as sautéed chicory

10 recipes with cucumbers

10 veg recipes based on lentils

Romanesco broccoli: 10 recipes to enjoy it at its best

Artichokes: 10 veg recipes to enjoy them at their best

Artichokes with potatoes: a good and simple side dish

Black cabbage: 10 recipes to enjoy it at its best

Brussels sprouts: 10 recipes to make them tastier

Chips for all tastes: 10 alternative recipes to French fries

Potato salad: 10 recipes

Parsnip: 10 recipes to enjoy it at its best

Sweet and sour yellow peppers

Fresh peas: 10 recipes to enjoy them at their best

Big red sun dried tomatoes

Radicchio: 10 easy vegetarian and vegan recipes

Spinach: 10 vegetarian and vegan recipes for all tastes

Zucchini: 10 vegan ideas and recipes to enjoy them at their best

Vegan recipes: sauces, gravies and toppings


How to best season and accompany our dishes? If you love to experiment in the kitchen, try prepare sauces and condiments at home you prefer. For example, you can prepare a spicy sauce to accompany the vegetables, or a vegan pesto to season pasta or even an egg-free mayonnaise to be served with baked potatoes or Vegetable béchamel to fill cannelloni and lasagna.

Vegan bechamel: 5 recipes to prepare it at home

Butter: 5 plant-based alternatives beyond margarine

Cashew butter: the recipe for making it at home

Peanut butter: the recipe for making it at home

Almond butter: the recipe to prepare it at home

How to make mayonnaise at home (classic and vegan)

Homemade eggplant cream

Curry: all the health benefits of its spices and how to make it at home

Ketchup: the recipe to prepare it at home

Low cost recipes: chickpea hummus

Homemade tomato sauce

Soy sauce: how to make it at home

Guacamole sauce: the original recipe and 5 variations

DIY spicy sauces

Spices: 7 DIY mixes from the world to give more flavor to our dishes

Spices and herbs to combine with each vegetable

10 DIY sauces you won't have to buy anymore

10 sauces and preparations under glass to enjoy vegetables all year round

Vegan recipes: savory pies


Savory pies are always very popular with everyone. They are always very tasty, they are easy to prepare and they are also very versatile. In fact the pie salads vegan they lend themselves very well to enrich your aperitifs and appetizers, to become the protagonists of a buffet or to turn into a second dish, to be served accompanied with boiled legumes and a nice seasonal salad.

Savory pie with peas and cumin seeds

Savory pie of courgettes and potatoes with pesto

Vegan savory cakes: 10 recipes for all tastes

Fall Savory Pies: 10 Vegetarian and Vegan Recipes

Winter savory pies: 10 vegetarian and vegan recipes

Savory pumpkin tart

Vegan recipes: bread, pizza and focaccia


One of the greatest satisfactions for those who love to cook is to be able to prepare homemade bread but also the dough for pizzas and focaccias, crackers and breadsticks, perhaps using sourdough. In this way you can dedicate yourself to self-production, save money and enrich your archive of vegan recipes.

10 homemade bread recipes without baking

How to make homemade pita bread

Homemade crackers: 10 home made recipes

Making bread at home: the mistakes to avoid and the most common problems

Focaccia with chickpea flour with onions and poppy seeds

Grape focaccia with sourdough

Sourdough: spelled croutons with sesame seeds

Sourdough: we prepare green olive bread

Sourdough: 10 recipes to prepare at home with sourdough

Homemade walnut bread with sourdough

Wholemeal bread with sourdough

Green pizza with rocket and basil pesto, capers, olives and courgettes

Pretzel: the vegan recipe with sourdough

Yeast-free recipes: how to prepare the dough for unleavened bread, pizza, focaccia and crackers

Vegan recipes: desserts, cakes and cookies


This section of ours collection of vegan recipes is dedicated to the sweet tooth and to those who do not want to give up a sweet, as long as it is vegan and homemade. With our advice you will learn how to replace eggs and dairy products in desserts with vegetable ingredients. So you will start preparing vegan cakes, sweets and biscuits to be enjoyed at breakfast, as a snack or to be served as a dessert.

10 biscuits without butter and without eggs (vegan recipes)

Pineapple: 10 fresh recipes for all tastes

Goji berry energy bars

Bignè di San Giuseppe: the vegan recipe with sourdough for Father's Day

Vegan version of ginger biscuits

Cookies covered with chocolate

Homemade dry biscuits, type 'Digestive'

Homemade brioche with sourdough

Chocolate and hazelnut brownies

Homemade peach pudding

Lemon cheesecake: the vegan recipe

Vegetable cheesecake with peaches and almonds

Homemade Colomba with sourdough

How to make soy yogurt at home

How to replace eggs in sweets and savory recipes

Vegan crepes: 5 sweet and savory recipes

Homemade strawberry tart with almond flour

Vegan fruit tart

Tart with buckwheat flour and blueberry jam

Vegan desserts: coconut pralines and dark chocolate

Frushi: sushi goes green and is made with fruit

Fruit in syrup: 10 recipes to prepare it at home

Gianduiotti: the recipe to prepare them at home

Kanelbullar: the recipe for cinnamon brioches in a vegan version

Jam without added sugar: 5 DIY recipes

Melon: 10 summer recipes for all tastes

Homemade vegan nutella

Panforte: the vegan recipe to prepare it at home

Plum-cake with chocolate chips (traditional and vegan recipe)

Pan brioche: the vegan recipe with sourdough

Homemade vegan pandoro: the recipe

Panettone with sourdough (vegan recipe)

Neapolitan Pastiera: the vegan recipe for Easter

Homemade cherry plum-cake

Fruit skewers: 10 recipes for all tastes

Homemade wholemeal apple strudel

Vegan tiramisu: 10 recipes and variations

Homemade vegan nougat

Grandma's cake without milk and eggs (vegan)

Apple pie: 10 recipes for everyone, even vegan and gluten-free

Vegan banana and coconut cream pie (fair trade)

Apple pie: the vegan recipe

Vegan pear, cocoa and cinnamon cake with spelled flour

Candied ginger: how to prepare it at home

Zeppole di San Giuseppe: the vegan recipe with sourdough

Vegan recipes: plant milk, juices, smoothies, drinks


THEself-production in the kitchen it is not limited to bread or pasta. In fact, both to experiment with new recipes and to save money, you can try to prepare your own at home vegetable drinks you prefer, starting with rice, almond or soy milk and then moving on to smoothies and centrifuged.

10 detoxifying smoothies to purify the body

10 recipes of fruit flavored waters

15 recipes for tasty and healthy smoothies

Centrifuged: 10 recipes to purify the body

Centrifuge of fresh turmeric and pineapple: curcumin becomes assimilable

How to make rice milk at home

How to make soy milk at home

Water kefir: how to make it at home and its benefits

Organic hemp milk: how to prepare it at home

Organic almond milk: how to prepare it at home

Barley or oat milk: how to prepare it at home

Banana plant milk: the recipe to prepare it at home

What are your favorite vegan recipes? You have other vegan recipes to suggest?

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