Yes Noemi has lost weight, what is the problem? This body shaming must stop!

Seeing yourself as you are, and appreciating yourself, is the first phase of a delicate process of self-acceptance. Totally intimate. And sometimes extremely painful

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We liked it like this, essential and ethereal, in a flowing pink dress. And smiling and serene, in full awareness of her body and her movements. No, we don't want to make an excursus of every step taken, spoken word and song sung by Noemi yesterday on the stage of the Ariston, at the first of the Sanremo Festival. Who cares if he has lost some pounds, let's say, to silence the hordes of idlers who crowd the web.

Because, you know, if you are fat they tell you that you need to lose weight. If you're thin, dear! But put on a few pounds. And worse it goes if this weight loss is there for all to see.

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In short, body shaming is present in every facet that can be insinuated and this time the victim - but practically always - is her, Noemi, guilty of being thinner and, attention, of feeling good too. A host of misogynists has in fact continued to attack her, denigrating her for her new appearance, demonstrating the fact that every time a character changes or even improves her appearance, she seems to betray a part of the public.

And not only that: even when Naomi first had a few extra pounds, they attacked her for that very reason.

How boring, guys, how boring!

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I was bullied first for my weight. It took me a lot of head to lose it - said Noemi last year to the microphones of Le Iene.

To achieve her goal, the Roman singer adopted the Tabata protocol: a training method, conceived in the 90s by the Japanese scientist of the same name, which is part of the set of high intensity interval training - High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) . A path that made the musician lose 20 kilos in one year.

So? What's wrong with that?

Nothing, but the haters are around the corner and they don't manage to stay calm: you were better before or you have become like all the others, they shoot at zero. Not to mention those who say I used to consider you a great artist, but now I don't like you anymore, as if the aesthetic change somehow canceled the talent, the professionalism, if not the value of an artist.

Only a year ago Noemi had given an interview to Vanity Fair, in which she spoke of the "buzz around".

Are you buttery? They tell you "lose weight". Skeletal? “Fortify yourself”. Married? "Wrong". Single? "Unlucky". You have to close your eyes and listen to yourself. And never accept someone telling you when, if and how to change. Because you are only good if you are good. And then she added: I lost weight because I no longer felt myself in that other body. So I defended the dream I had of me. I learned not to be afraid of the honesty of asking "Who am I?" and get closer to what you think you want. We have the right to become whoever we want.

La body positivity

To many people, this speech, which is the consequence of a path of self-knowledge and self-awareness, appeared as a betrayal: Noemi, who chooses to defend the dream she had of herself, suddenly becomes the leader who abandons the ship of mediocrity. and let those who remain inside sink. And therefore many, without having the slightest understanding of what she said, started calling her a hypocrite and making a whole series of such comments that risk making us stumble into a very dangerous mistake: believing that body positivity means passive acceptance of oneself and of your body.

That's not exactly the case, guys. The true body positivity actually leads to a single teaching: everyone must learn the importance of knowing each other deeply, of nourishing their self-esteem and courageously pursuing what they want to be, the idea they have of themselves, their body and their mind.

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What does it mean? It means give respite to bodies that cannot change and that, for this reason, must be welcomed, loved and inserted into a society that, until recently, did not even take them into consideration. It is not something that comes to legitimize mediocrity or passive acceptance. In short, it is not an out-of-shape body, slammed on a cover, to tell us that we are beautiful as we are. That's just a superficial response to years and years of marginalization, a revenge and a marketing strategy.

The truth is that we are beautiful when we recognize ourselves, when we are in harmony with ourselves. This should teach us and this we should aspire to: the goal is reached only when we are happy with what we are. The real questions that each of us should ask are "who I am" and "who I want to be", solely for ourselves.

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