If you always have cold hands and feet you may have one of these 5 problems that you never imagined

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There are 5 issues that cause the constant feeling of cold hands and feet that you may not know about. Let's see which ones we are talking about.

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Having it constantly cold hands and feet it can be caused by a number of factors, ranging from a simple sedentary lifestyle, poor movement habits and sensitivity to low temperatures to health problems such as blood pressure, hormones, and more. (Also Read: The Real Reason Women's Hands Are Colder)

In this article, let's explore 5 factors that cause cold hands and feet that you may not have expected.

The 5 unexpected causes of cold hands and feet:



High blood sugar and abnormal blood sugar levels are very common problems in people with diabetes. This can result in a condition known as peripheral arteriopathy, in which a variety of damage to small blood vessels occurs that adversely affects peripheral circulation and causes poor blood supply to the extremities of the body. Peripheral artery disease is common in smoking, in the overweight people and in those with high pressure o high cholesterol.

A balanced and healthy lifestyle can help improve peripheral artery health. More exercise and managing blood sugar levels can reduce the above symptoms.


THEhypothyroidism it means you have one underactive thyroid and that it does not produce enough hormones. These hormones affect many of your organs and help you transform food into energy, a lack of them can have a negative impact on the metabolism of the body. The metabolism of the body affects circulation, heart rate and body temperature, so anything that affects the thyroid function and causes cold menus and feet.

Raynaud's disease

La Raynaud's disease it consists of an abnormal attack of the immune system against the organism that occurs when temperatures drop considerably. As temperatures drop, you may notice that your hands and feet feel numb or excessively cold. The arteries of the hands and feet, in fact, tend to narrow and the consequence is one poor blood circulation in the extremities of the limbs.


THEacrocyanosis It is characterized by an abnormal persistent and painless bluish discoloration of both hands, both feet and, sporadically, of parts of the face, caused by a spasm of the small blood vessels of the skin, usually in response to cold. It is caused by a reduction in the internal diameter of the skin vessels which causes a slowdown in blood circulation with a consequent decrease in the amount of oxygen transported.


I chilblains they are purplish-red nodules that form on the skin and cause itching and pain. The skin can have cracks which, if left untreated, can lead to the onset of infections. Chilblains are caused by an abnormal reaction of the body to exposure to cold followed by a sudden switch to heat. This leads to blood spills with consequent inflammations in the skin.

Why do you always have cold hands and feet? Here are all the natural tricks and remedies

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