Fall Savory Pies: 10 Vegetarian and Vegan Recipes

Autumn savory pies, vegetarian and vegan recipes. Here is a collection of vegetarian and vegan recipes to make your quiches with fall ingredients.

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Autumn savory pies, if you are looking for vegetarian or vegan recipes to prepare your ownand savory pies with seasonal ingredients, here are many ideas to experiment in the kitchen to prepare always different dishes.

Le vegetarian and vegan savory pies they are really easy to prepare and convenient to bring to the table both as an appetizer and as a main course. They can also be the highlight of your dinners and buffet lunches to offer to friends.

Scegliere seasonal ingredients for the filling of your savory pies it will help you to vary your diet by giving more space to typical autumn vegetables such as pumpkins, cabbage, cabbage, cauliflower and celeriac.

THU le recipes to prepare the bases for your savory pies in vegan version (puff pastry, brisée pasta and matte pasta.

Here is a collection of vegetarian and vegan recipes for your autumn savory pies.


Vegetarian savory pie with pumpkin and leftovers from the fridge

Here is a vegetarian pumpkin pie which will allow you to recycle all the leftovers of other vegetables or cheeses that you have in the refrigerator. An idea: you can boil or steam the pumpkin, blend it and incorporate pieces of other sautéed vegetables to make up the filling of your savory pie. THU recipe.

Savory potato and spinach tart (gluten and egg free recipe)

To prepare this savory potato and spinach tart you can start from a base of mashed potatoes you can prepare a savory pie to bring to the table in autumn with a classic spinach filling. THU the recipe to follow.

Vegetarian savory pie with autumn scents

Photo source: Viaggiando Mangiando

If you want to prepare one autumn vegetarian savory pie, for the filling you can choose ingredients that recall this season, such as a clean pumpkin, porcini mushrooms or mixed mushrooms and a clove of garlic. THU the recipe to follow.

Vegetarian savory pie with cabbage

Photo source: Grandmother's recipes

One of the typical vegetables of the autumn season is the savoy cabbage. Perhaps you have never thought about choosing cabbage to fill one of your savory pies. The time has come to experiment with a new dish to celebrate autumn. Here the recipe for the vegetarian savoy cabbage pie.

Savory tart with cauliflower

To prepare this savory tart with cauliflower you will need a few simple ingredients, the result will be a tart with a crunchy shell with a soft cream of cauliflower and potatoes inside. THU the recipe to prepare the savory tart with cauliflower.

Spanakopita: Greek spinach pie

How about a tasty one salty spinach pie? Spanakopita is a savory pie of Greek origins, with the classic spiral shape, based on spinach and feta. Here the complete recipe.

Vegetarian savory pie with gorgonzola and pears

Photo source: Ginger and Tomato

Le pears they ripen in spring, summer and autumn but it is precisely in this season and especially in the month of October that we have the best and juiciest varieties of pears available. Experiment with a savory recipe with pears to combine with gorgonzola to create a contrast of flavors. As an alternative to pears for this recipe you can use apples. THU all instructions.

Vegetarian savory pie with radicchio and walnuts

Photo source: Mamma Papera

Here is another idea to prepare one vegetarian savory pie in version autumnal. Choose the Treviso radicchio risso as a filling to combine with walnuts and fresh cooking cream. You will also need grated cheese and nutmeg. THU recipe.

Savory pumpkin tart

Among the useful ingredients to prepare your autumn savory pies, there is also pumpkin, which will give your recipes a really great taste. For the filling of the pumpkin pie you can use leek and mashed potatoes. Here is a recipe from which to take inspiration.

Salted celeriac pie

Photo source: In Ely's kitchen

To prepare a truly original autumn savory pie, choose the celeriac for your filling. You can combine celeriac with other ingredients, such as nutmeg, fresh parsley, onions and extra virgin olive oil. Here is the recipe for the celeriac savory pie.

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