Cultivating love like a plant, day after day

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How is love born and how can we take care of it? Love has to be taken care of day after day, as if it were a plant.

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How is love born and how can we take care of it? The birth oflove between two people it is actually a real mystery. Science can explain it only minimally. What we do know is that, for it to last, it has to take care of love day after day, as if it were a plant.

“Love is like a precious plant. You can't just accept to receive her and leave her leaning on the cupboard or pretend that she will survive on her own. You will need to keep watering it. You will really have to take care of it and feed it "(John Lennon)

This quote from John Lennon compares love to a plant that is given to us. We we accept this gift but we cannot ignore it and leave it in a corner. If we don't take care of the plant, if we don't water it and feed it, it will soon dry out and be no longer with us.

A similar argument applies to love, as well as it applies to friendship and to any kind of relationship between people. Ties with others must be kept firm with dedication, care, closeness, affection, attention and more.

Love needs amazement and wonder just as a plant needs light to be born and to develop. We can compare the light, water, nourishment, soil and fertilizer that plants need to everything needed to keep love alive, for example:

  • The soil is the foundation through which the roots of love grow
  • Water represents the feelings that we are able to convey with our actions and with our words
  • Plant food is like anything that keeps love alive, such as traveling together, plans for the future.
  • The fertilizer corresponds to all the small gestures of daily life that revive love
  • Light is the freedom that everyone must keep within a couple in order not to cancel each other out and to always feel himself

Love at first sight and love at first sight may exist, but everything would end in a few moments if the feelings were not cultivated properly. Building a lifelong love relationship takes a lot of effort. Love can grow like a plant or a flower if we give it everything it needs.


Love, like a seed, it is in every heart and is born when it is in the right conditions. These conditions include just water, air, sun and nourishment, just as if it were a plant to grow.


And just like in the case of plants, to make our love grow in the right way we must try to understand balance what is needed: how much light and how much water does our love need? How much nutrition do they need? Do you also need a little shade every now and then?

At the basis of love, let us not forget the importance of freedom and respect. Love cannot exist without the respect, which is its prerequisite. And no man or woman can survive without the freedom to best express what he feels, what he is and all of his potential.

Love is a mutual growth of two people who resemble two plants or two flowers that develop to achieve ever greater beauty and improvement. At some point their roots may be so close that they allow them to feed on each other. In conclusion, love is growing together, supporting each other, nourishing ourselves, going in search of water, light and fertilizer that make us feel truly alive, fulfilled and complete during the time available to us.

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