Coronavirus: more severe penalties in Veneto. The quarantine obligation returns

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Veneto is back at high risk. The RT index rose to 1,63. Furious Zaia: "TSO for those who are positive". Monday the new regional ordinance

Don't store avocado like this: it's dangerous

Veneto is once again afraid. The RT index concerning contagiousness literally jumped from a low risk level, equal to 0,43 to the current 1,63, exceeding the safety threshold, equal to 1. The news in recent days was the president of Veneto Luca Zaia who promised a new ordinance with more restrictive measures and penalties. Ordinance arrived today that makes the swab mandatory for those coming from abroad. But not only.

The belt is tightening in Veneto, which has passed from the bottom to the other risk of contagion. "We wasted 4 months" said the governor Zaia that he announced the new rules valid until July 31 for those who enter the region from abroad.


The obligation of quarantine returns: here are in which cases

The ordinance of today, 6 July 2020 and in force for the whole month, aims to reduce the risk of infections from those coming from abroad. In particular, the obligation of fiduciary isolation returns for 14 days in 3 cases:

  • risk contact with a person who tested positive for the swab
  • entry or return to Veneto from foreign countries (other than European countries)
  •  coexistence of symptoms of respiratory infection and temperature above 37 and a half degrees.

In fact, those who enter or return to Veneto from non-European countries will have to undergo a tampon as soon as they arrive and again after 7 days if the first is negative.

Veneto citizens who travel for tourism and return from these countries must also follow the same provisions.

The penalties worsen

There are also more severe penalties. Anyone who refuses hospitalization - because the result is positive and with symptoms - must be reported to the judicial authority and will be reported "ex officio". Furthermore, those who violate isolation (but it is negative) will have to pay a fine of one thousand euros, if instead a positive does it risks imprisonment, in addition to the fine.

Because the Veneto is running for cover

“What I announced to you is happening. We went from low risk to high risk from an RT from 0,43 to 1,63. If we continue to go around without the use of masks and gatherings, it is inevitable that it will happen, ”said Zaia during today's press conference.

The irresponsible behavior of some citizens is also complicit in this situation and in this regard it refers to a person who returned on 25 June from a business trip to Serbia together with two other colleagues. That day the man started having some symptoms potentially related to the coronavirus. Despite the malaise and fever (38 °), the following days he attended a private party and a funeral, also meeting some acquaintances in the village.


Posted by Luca Zaia on Friday, July 3, 2020

Thus, on June 28, after going to the emergency room, in the Vicenza area, the man was subjected to a swab and tested positive.

“He was transferred to Vicenza where hospitalization is proposed, which he refused. You are the master of your own life, but if you jeopardize that of others, hospitalization must be forced. I say this to those in Rome, who go to Parliament and give them the tools to shelter and throw away the key, ”says Zaia.

After so much insistence, the man is hospitalized on July 1st and is now in intensive care ”. Even with the awareness of the positive swab, the man had contacts:

“We have about a hundred people who went into solitary confinement just because no one had the courage to stop. We have given provision to have zero tolerance and if there are elements to make a complaint against those who behave in this way, we will denounce. It is not dictatorship: we cannot allow the virus to spread due to the irresponsibility of some people ”.

Sources of reference: Luca Zaia / Facebook


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