This university is giving away £ 3.500 for the best idea to fight plastic waste

    This university is giving away £ 3.500 for the best idea to fight plastic waste

    The University of Portsmouth is launching a prize competition for students, with the aim of fighting plastic pollution

    The University of Portsmouth (England), in collaboration with Santander, is launching a prize competition for school students. The goal is to combat pollution caused by plastic waste.

    Creative students and friends of the environment are sought to create an inspiring short video to invite people to take part in the city survey on plastic waste taking place in Portsmouth. The survey will later feed into the Revolution Plastics initiative, promoted by the University of Portsmouth to combat the dispersion of plastic waste into the environment, and is promoted by Jetsam. 

    Jetsam is a mobile app useful for mapping plastic waste in the area and helping local authorities to collect data on the waste situation in the city. This is a free app, available for both Android and iOS, which does not require any kind of registration or membership. To make a contribution to the Jetsam archive, it is sufficient to take some photos of the plastic waste encountered on the street, while walking or walking the dog: the GPS system will geo-locate the waste and insert it into the database.

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    Here's how to join the challenge:

    1. Create a short video (max. 90 seconds) to motivate Portsmouth citizens to take part in the plastic waste mapping project and post it on social media with the hashtag #SantanderUniUK.
    2. Express your ideas through a short written plan (max. 300 words), defining the target audience the video is aimed at and the social networks you intend to use for the dissemination of the video.
    3. Submit your plan and video by 17.00 on Thursday 15 July 2021.

    Students can participate individually in the initiative or in small groups (max. 6 people per group). The six participants (individuals or groups) who present the best projects will be invited to show their work in front of a jury with representatives from Santander universities, Jetsam and the Revolution Plastics association.

    The six prizes (ranging from a minimum of £ 500 up to the first prize worth £ 3.500) will be awarded at the end of September. All finalists will be encouraged to get involved in the Citizen project after the competition and to take part in the Revolution Plastics and Jetsam teams. This could include helping to launch a social media awareness campaign, in collaboration with university staff.

    Fonte: University of Portsmouth / Santander

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