Photovoltaic generators: do you know how much they cost?

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Is the photovoltaic generator the device that allows you to convert solar energy into electricity, the one we then use for all our daily activities? But do you know how much it costs? Of course it depends on the potentially obtainable energy but also on other characteristics

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To decide whether to install a photovoltaic system, many evaluations are required, including the costs of generator, which depend on the electricity that can be obtained. The cost / benefit ratio is probably the main parameter to make us decide if and which plant to adopt.

Il photovoltaic generator converts the energy of the sun into electricity, even if it is the inverter that materially allows you to have the "right" current. In fact, the electric current generated by the solar is continuous, but alternating current is required to operate the equipment of daily use, but the inverter is thinking of this conversion.

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Of course, there are different types of generators, which change both for the electrical power they can produce, but also for their "destiny": in fact, there are both fixed and portable solutions, those equipped with storage batteries, as well as systems integrated with inverter.

And the prices, perhaps discounted to say, are very different. Taking a tour on the net, however, one realizes that even the most "minimalist" solution hardly falls below 150 euros. And to have something really powerful and multi-equipped with accessories you can also spend on 2000-2500 euro.

Of course it is necessary to rely on experts but this price variability should not scare, on the contrary: it is an indication of a technology that is now truly extremely flexible and potentially adaptable to many different needs.

In our interest and in the interest of the planet we live on (interests that should actually coincide).

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