Iced tea: here's the secret to making it at home

Today we reveal the secret to preparing iced tea at home, without spoiling its natural flavor, and keeping it in the fridge for at least 3 days.

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Il iced tea that you brew at home becomes bitter A few hours later? The supermarket one seems to you a mixture of water, sugar and unlikely aromas, which should remind us of the taste of lemon or fishing? Well, today we reveal to you the secret to making homemade iced tea, without spoiling its natural flavor, and storing it in fridge for at least 3 days. An authentic, good and healthy recipe!

Here are the instructions for making a liter of iced tea

Take a steel saucepan e pour in a liter of water, put it on the fire with the lid on, here you will have to wait for the first boil and pour into the water 3 tablespoons of raw cane sugar or the natural sweetener of your choice, turn and cover with the lid until the water begins to boil vigorously. In fact, homemade iced tea must be prepared starting exactly from this syrup of water and sugar.

At this point, turn off the heat and put in 3 tea bags (or two spoons if it is the loose one);

leave to infuse for 4-5 minutes, then remove the sachets (or filter everything if you have infused loose tea) and let it cool.

Only once it has cooled down, add us the juice of a squeezed lemon (or the dose you prefer) and wanting a sprig of mint to flavor the tea.

To prepare the peach tea you will have to follow the same procedure, add the lemon juice and a chopped peach, leave to infuse for a few hours and then strain the drink.

Here you will find other recipes, to prepare iced tea, from which to take inspiration.

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