Floods, fires, mosquito tornadoes, infernal heat: the climate crisis is knocking hard on our doors

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It is not a warning, it is a sad reality: the climate crisis is overwhelming us. In a few weeks, a concentration of extreme events

He is about to end up run over, his mother saves him

It is not a warning, it is a sad reality: the climate crisis is overwhelming us: in a few weeks a concentration of extreme events that have a single matrix. From unbearable temperatures, to "natural" fires to floods and a tornado of mosquitoes, time is truly over.


Infernal heat and fires in America

The thermometer reached unbearable temperatures in Canada and the western United States earlier this month - a truly hellish heat that resulted in hundreds of deaths. In Lytton, a village north-east of Vancouver, where the death toll was the highest, the thermometer reached 49,6%. In Washington State, the deaths caused by the heat hood were about 16.

And so the fires really broke out, for "natural" causes (quotation marks are a must): a real apocalypse of fire in the USA, where 13 countries were invaded by flames, also engulfing the fauna (the young falcons threw themselves out of their nests and the marine animals literally "cooked"). In Oregon, the fire devastated over 12 hectares, with a wave of smoke that affected a larger area than the city of Los Angeles. It will probably take months before the fires are put out.

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Floods, fires and mosquito tornadoes in Asia

In the Asian continent it is not better at all: scenes from Great Flood, but with no ark to save people and animals, they were seen in China, where, according to one estimate, 60% of the amount of rain that falls in a year has fallen in just a few hours.

All while Siberia is really burning (Russia had to send military planes to fight the flames) and witnesses a surreal "tornado of mosquitoes”: The Kamchatka Peninsula (eastern Russia) has been overwhelmed by millions of these insects, so numerous as to obscure the sky and prevent road visibility.

@ SiberianTimes/Twitter

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Deluge in Europe

And for those who still think that these extreme events "do not concern us" or in any case occur in places notoriously less hospitable in Europe from a climatic point of view, even our "peaceful continent" has not been spared this time: we all struggle to forget that. which happened in Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg, which still mourn the hundreds of deaths caused by torrential floods. While Turkey is witnessing a massacre of flamingos, thousands charred by too much heat and drought.

Unfortunately this is now the case: no place on earth is safe.

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What else needs to happen to convince us that the path we have taken really risks being one of no return?

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