No to deodorants, Cameron Diaz's choice. And yours?

Cameron Diaz does not use deodorants. And you?

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It took Cameron Diaz to tell us that the deodorants are bad. Here it is an incredible scoop: the blonde Hollywood actress has declared that she does not moisten her armpits every day with products such as sticks, roll-ons and various sprays from the blameworthy INCI.

Reason? Simple: i deodorants, or "antiperspirants" to literally translate it fromarticle original, impenitiate. The story is this: it seems that Diaz has embraced the cause of natural beauty, the one decided only and only by the ordinary course of nature. In short, of hair to go and wrinkles.

In his in his book The body book (HarperCollins Publishers) indulges in detailed health and food advice, praises pubic hair (women should avoid, she says, laser vaginal hair removal), and gives her own opinions on how women could feel better and happy with little.

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Beyond the admirable goal (it seems that Diaz has in mind a project against anorexia with a series of events that will be held in schools face to face with the teenagers), the actress does not shy away from revealing her innermost secrets, not even when it comes to personal hygiene. And that's how on the red carpet of “The Other Woman”, Cameron admitted to do not use the deodorant for a long time.

"I don't believe in antiperspirants - revealed to the E! Online -. They hurt, I haven't used them for almost 20 years. You are smelly precisely because you use deodorants, because they hold in sweat “. In short, the Hollywood star says she is against the basic principle of deodorants, which is to counteract normal sweating.

And how to blame her? For example, have you ever wondered if you could do without deodorant? Sure it is one search has shown that many people could find themselves using this product simply out of habit, without having a real need.

So, as an alternative to industrial deodorants, why not use natural and delicate ones, such as corn starch, bicarbonate and essential oils?

Germana Carillo

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