If you have a farmhouse or a wine cellar you can apply for this contribution exemption

The INPS has announced that it will be possible to submit the application for the exemption contributed for the agricultural sector starting from 4 April and until 4 May. You will be able to access the relief for the month of February 2021 only if in possession of certain Ateco codes

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The exemption from contributions we are talking about, a facility that was introduced by article 70 of the DL Sostegni bis, concerns companies belonging to the agritourism and wine sectors that are entitled to exemption from the payment of social security contributions for the month of February 2021 .

In the''article 70 of Legislative Decree no. 73 of 2021 we read that:

In order to ensure the productive and occupational protection of agricultural supply chains belonging to the agritourism and wine-growing sectors and to contain the negative effects of the persistence of the COVID-19 epidemic, to companies belonging to the aforementioned supply chains, including wine and beer producers, as identified by the ATECO codes referred to in table E attached to this decree-law, is recognized exemption from the payment of social security and welfare contributions, with the exclusion of the premiums and contributions due to INAIL, for the share to be paid by the employers for the monthly payment for February 2021. The exemption is recognized within the limits of the contribution due net of other concessions or reductions in the funding rates of the compulsory social security scheme, provided for by current legislation and due in the reference period of the exemption.

Who can apply

The exemption can be requested by self-employed workers in the agricultural supply chains of the agritourism and wine-growing sectors, including wine and beer producers, but also by those who have agritourisms or catering activities attached to farms.

Specifically, self-employed workers who possess the following Ateco Codes can submit the application:

  • 01.21.00 - Cultivation of grapes
  • 11.02.10 - Production of table wines and quality wines psr
  • 11.02.20 - Production of sparkling wine and other special wines
  • 11.05.00 - Beer production
  • 55.20.52 - Accommodation activities related to agricultural holdings
  • 56.10.12 Catering activities related to agricultural holdings

When and how to submit the application

The application for the exemption from contributions for the agricultural supply chain has recently been extended, the start was scheduled for March 27 but the INPS has made it known that it will be possible to proceed with the sending starting from 9 am on April 4 and up to at 23.59 pm on May 4, 2022.

The application must be completed online using the electronic form “Exemption Art. 70 DL n. 73/2021 ", available on the INPS website. This can be found for employers in the "Portal of Benefits" and for self-employed workers in the "Self-employed pension scheme in agriculture", in the section "Two-way communication".

Inps in its communication specifies that:

With reference to self-employed workers, it is specified that the electronic application form will show the pre-calculated amount based on the data in the archive for the month of February of the year 2021 without taking into account the amounts provisionally recognized pursuant to Article 1, paragraphs from 20 to 22-bis, of the law of 30 December 2020, n. 178, considering that the use of the exemption is subject to the positive outcome of the subsequent checks provided for by the relevant legislation (see message no. 3974/2021).

There is also the possibility for the heirs to apply. In this case, INPS highlights that:

the heirs' application must be sent by certified mail to the Provincial Directorate / Metropolitan Branch using the form "SC98", called "Application for exemption from the heirs of the holder of the contributory position in the Special Management of self-employed workers in agriculture, pursuant to art . 70 of Legislative Decree no. 73/2021 ”, available on the Institute's website (www.inps.com) at the following address:“ Performance and services ”>“ Modules ”.

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Source: INPS

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