The 5 best 'take-away' mobile garden projects

The 5 most successful projects in terms of green to go directly from the streets of Brooklyn, New York.

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This is the latest American motto in terms of gardens. In the streets of Brooklyn, New York it is possible to admire, perhaps with a bit of perplexity, original 'green take-away' projects that combine nature with some emblematic objects of the industrial revolution: vans, trolleys, caravans and trucks. Green vehicles, in the truest sense of the word, are blooming left and right on American streets.

Never seen one greenhouse in a truck trailer? A lawn on wheels? A caravan turned into a garden? And how about wildflowers that grow on the last carriage of an urban train or gods shopping carts abandoned transformed into gardens?

These are just some of the New York ideas and precisely, the 5 most successful projects in terms of "green to go". Many are nearing completion others, like the ones in the pictures, have already been made and still others are just one-oriented ideas greener future.

Kevin Van Braack, an eclectic character in terms of sustainability, has made the green to go un’arte realizing CampingFlat, a caravan transformed into a real reclosable mobile garden. The eccentric design does not stop there, also conceiving one transportable greenhouse built on the trailer of a very common van, they are works that ironically fit into the context of the metropolis.

Joseph Baldwin, proposed planting wild flowers and gardens on the back car of a tram for the benefit of a huge metropolitan audience.

And then there is the option presented by Annechien Meier. A more eco-friendly idea that develops a zero-emission garden made with a wooden platform on rubber wheels that can be moved anywhere without effort.

And the simplest but perhaps most significant version of this urban phenomenon, also because it is more sustainable than the others, is the abandoned cart and transformed into a mini vegetable garden. Instead of tying the green to symbols of industrialization, such as petrol vehicles, shopping trolleys are recovered, and therefore here is the added value: recycling and reuse.

Serena Bianchi

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