Medicinal herbs to grow in the winter

What medicinal and aromatic herbs can we grow in winter? When the climate is harsh, we can decide to move our plants the pot indoors or in the most sheltered place on the balcony. In this way, even in winter we can have a natural pharmacy close at hand on the balcony or in a sheltered place of our home.

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Which medicinal and aromatic herbs we can grow also in winter? When the climate is harsh, we can decide to move our plants the pot indoors or in the most sheltered place on the balcony. In this way, even in winter we can have a natural pharmacy close at hand on the balcony or in a sheltered place of our home.

Not to mention the benefit of having it available always fresh medicinal and aromatic herbs for the preparation of infusions, natural remedies and tasty and healthy condiments to be used in the kitchen in our recipes. With a few small tricks we can grow medicinal and aromatic herbs even in winter.

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The advice is to transfer your seedlings indoors especially if you live in a region with a very cold and humid winter climate and to place the pots close to each other so that the plants create a microclimate useful for their development.



La sage it resists well during the winter when grown in the soil of the vegetable garden or garden. You can also grow it in pots, as long as you put it away from freezing temperatures and place it indoors in a sunny place or in the most sheltered point of the balcony. The soil of potted plants can cool easily in winter. Try to protect the vases from the cold by wrapping them with non-woven fabric. You will notice that sage sometimes develops smaller leaves in winter to protect itself from the cold. Sage is a 'herb ally of women. Here its properties and how to use it.


Like sage, also the rosemary it does not have major problems withstanding the cold when it is grown in the vegetable garden or in the garden. Growing in pots will need more care. the rule of placing the plants away from freezing is always valid. If you have a spacious and bright kitchen, choose a suitable place to store your aromatic plants in winter to always have them at hand. Did you know that rosemary scent helps improve memory?

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Il coriander grows rapidly from seeds. You can stagger the sowings over the course of the year in order to have it available even in winter, remembering to transfer the jar indoors. Coriander is among the medicinal herbs that helps the body get rid of heavy metals. In the kitchen you can use it to prepare soups, sauces and dressings or simply to garnish your dishes.


Choose del biennial variety parsley - curly parsley is also fine as well as classic parsley - to have it available even during the winter. You can grow it in pots, on the balcony, sheltering it from the cold or bring a jar of your parsley indoors. Parsley does not need a lot of light and also grows well in closed and shady places. Collect the outermost leaves to promote the internal growth of the plant.


If you want to have mint available during the winter, you should now buy a jar from a nursery e cultivate it at home until the warm season arrives. In fact, with the arrival of low temperatures, the mint grown outdoors enters a resting phase. The leaves dry out and fall off. Then the mint will be reborn in the spring. So if you want to have fresh mint available in the kitchen, for your dressings and to prepare digestive infusions, keep a jar handy at home.

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Il thyme is a medicinal and aromatic plant considered essential for keep the respiratory tract healthy. Thyme is a natural antibiotic and aids in digestion. The flowering of thyme occurs in spring. But if you want to continue growing thyme in winter, you can place your potted plants in a sheltered place, for example in the kitchen, near a window.

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The essential oils present indill they are considered useful for stimulating the production of bile and gastric juices and for encouraging peristaltic movements of the intestine. This aromatic and officinal herb is one of the typical ingredients for the preparation of tzatziki sauce according to the original Greek recipe. Dill is a vigorous and robust plant that is easy to grow. It is grown primarily as a seasoning plant. The leaves and seeds are very aromatic. For its smell and its properties dill is similar to fennel.

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If you have any marjoram in the garden, you can take a part of it to grow in a jar that you will move indoors during the winter, in a sunny place. Marjoram is a perennial herb that belongs to the same family as thyme. It fits in any type of terrain, even poor, but in truth it fears humidity and excessive cold. It can be used for the preparation of balsamic and digestive herbal teas. It tastes similar to oregano, but sweeter and more refined. Better to use it fresh to preserve its aroma.


You can cultivate thechive outdoors during the summer and prepare a jar to be transferred indoors during the winter to always have it at hand. Chives are considered a super food for pregnancy due to their content of folic acid, iron, fiber, vitamin C and vitamin B6. It is considered a cure-all for keeping the kidneys and heart healthy and for fighting constipation.


Protect theOrigan from the cold to continue growing it even in winter at home or in a very sheltered place on the balcony. You can also think about building a mini greenhouse for your plants if you have some space available. Oregano has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antispasmodic properties.

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