SOS Red Panda: there are very few examples left in the world. And the fault is above all ours

The Red Panda is at risk of extinction, in the last 20 years the number of specimens has halved due to various factors.

Another animal is at risk of extinction, it is the Red Panda, only living specimen of the Ailuridae family, which looks a bit like a cat, a bit like a panda with a fox tail, despite being different from all these similar ones.

The causes? From deforestation to climate change, from fires to diseases transmitted by dogs, as highlighted by the organization Red Panda Network in view of the International Red Panda Day, scheduled for 21 September.

20 years ago there were at least double the number of Red Pandas, today there are 2.500 scattered among the wooded area ofHimalaya orientale and southwestern China, India, Bhutan and Burma.

Too bad that the increasingly numerous human presence did not bring him good: deforestation to make room for farms, with a consequent decrease in bamboo trees, the animal's primary source of livelihood, inflamed virus canine distemper, transmitted by unvaccinated guard dogs used on Himalayan farms, helped to do so halve.

Unexpected drought and snowfalls, due to climate changes in progress, have further worsened the situation due to the repercussions on the animal's natural habitat and on the bamboo trees it feeds on.

Unfortunately, according to reports from the Red Panda Network, which has been promoting thematic awareness campaigns for years, the local population is not aware of the tragic situation and the personnel involved in the protection of this specimen are decidedly disorganized, to the benefit of poachers and various criminals who can act undisturbed.

Red Panda Network to help the Red Panda offers both donations and long distance adoptions, a small contribution that can make a difference. Let's help him!

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