Red flowers: meaning and the 20 most beautiful varieties

Red flowers are a symbol of love and passion. There are many varieties, perfect for making your garden or balcony more lively and colorful but also to give to your partner on special occasions or simply to remind him how important he is to you. So let's discover the meaning and the 20 most beautiful varieties of red flowers.

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What is the meaning of red flowers? And what are the variety more beautiful to grow or give as a gift?

I red flowers they are a symbol of love and passion. There are many variety, perfect to make your garden or balcony more lively and colorful but also to give to your partner on special occasions or simply to remind him how important he is to you. We then discover the meaning and the 20 most beautiful varieties of red flowers.

Unlike white flowers that connote purity and whiteness, red ones are generally the natural symbol of passionate love, as they are associated with the color of the heart. It is no coincidence that young people and lovers of all time have used (and continue to do so) red flowers as an aid to express their love for someone.

Indeed, red is a color capable of arousing many emotions such as passion, but also anger. It therefore also represents the dichotomy between good and evil, symbolizing at the same time love and war. Red flowers are a symbol of seduction, desire, romance but also of anger, violence and danger.

Let's find out now the 20 most beautiful red flowers and their meaning.


Red roses

Roses are considered to be one of the most beautiful flowers ever. Available in different colors, in the red variant, they represent deep love, passion, desire, appreciation and fidelity. Probably giving one or more red roses is the best way to send a message of love to someone and it is no coincidence that on Valentine's Day most lovers choose these flowers as a symbolic gift (but always very appreciated).


Petunia blooms in various shades of red and white or yellow and white or even purple and white. In the language of flowers, however, petunia is also associated with negative feelings such as anger and resentment over something the recipient has done.


Anthurium is a tropical flower and its name derives from a Greek word which means "tail flower". It is characterized by the presence of a heart-shaped bract (leaf accompanying flowers or inflorescences) that surrounds the real flower which is located in the center and is spike-shaped. There is red, pink, lilac, green and brown. The Anthurium is synonymous with hospitality, happiness and abundance.

Ninfea pigmea

The pygmy water lily is a small water lily native to Meghalaya (India), characterized by bright red flowers with beautiful yellow stamens in the center. It symbolizes friendship and innocence but is also capable of being a "thief of hearts".


The poppy is a wild flower that symbolizes death and rebirth and, for this reason, it is used by many countries on the Day of Remembrance. This red flower has large petals with dark spots at the base.


This scarlet flower with a white or yellowish center is native to the Mediterranean. The Anemone can be of different colors: lavender, lilac, dark purple, scarlet, pink, magenta but also in two shades with a white or pale base and colored flowers. It represents love betrayed and is given when one partner feels neglected by the other.


Carnation exists in a wide range of colors and expresses love and charm. It is firmly believed that carnations first appeared on earth from the tears of the Virgin Mary, which makes them a symbol of everlasting love. The red carnation symbolizes admiration, charity (if light red), affection and deep love. In the language of flowers, carnation means "My heart aches for you".


Gerbera is a very popular perennial plant for its brightly colored flowers. It resembles a large daisy with a golden center surrounded by many petals. The colors of this flower range from white to orange, cream to pink and red to purple. A bouquet of red gerberas is a symbol of love and passion.


This flower, which can be red but also white, pink, cream or orange, symbolizes radiant beauty but also pride and determination. It is believed that the name derives from that of the beautiful shepherdess celebrated by Virgil in one of his bucolic poems.

Christmas Star

The poinsettia is a flower native to America. In reality it is not really a flower but a mass of leaves that change color and shape. There are orange, cream colored but more often they are red. It is considered a symbol of purity, joy and success. In our culture, it also symbolizes the holiday season and on this occasion it is given as a gift or kept at home as a decorative plant.


Red tulips are associated with love and passion. Elegant and romantic, the red tulip is the perfect flower to show pure and eternal love. Legend has it that the red tulips were born from the blood of a Turkish prince named Farad who killed himself when he discovered that the girl he loved was dead.


There are lilies of different sizes and colors: yellow, white, lavender, orange and red. This elegant and exotic flower inspires feelings of love and passionate desire. They are often used during weddings as a symbol of union, partnership and lasting relationship.


Zinnia is a rather rare flower, native to Mexico and widespread throughout South America. It is characterized by its bright and vibrant colors that distinguish it from other flowers. It is a symbol of lasting love, goodness, constancy and of the thought one has towards a distant friend.


The name of this flower comes from a Greek word, 'Kelos', which means burnt. This flower has in fact the shape of a flame. It is a tropical plant with beautiful flowers that are mainly used to decorate gardens or wedding parties. It symbolizes strong emotions but also humor.


The dahlia is a close relative of several flowers: chrysanthemum, daisy, dandelion, marigold and zinnia and is part of the Asteraceae family. The flowers of the dahlia are characterized by being different in shape and color. It can symbolize elegance and dignity, the need to change or travel but it is also a sign of betrayal.


This bushy-looking flower is very distinctive and widespread. It exists in several varieties of colors: white, purple, red and yellow. The red star is considered a symbol of love and patience.


Hibiscus is a tropical flower belonging to the Malvaceae family. When someone gives a hibiscus as a gift, he may suggest "Take the opportunity". The red hibiscus represents extraordinary beauty and, of course, love.


The red calla, like other red flowers, is a symbol of love, passion and attraction. It is also synonymous with justice, courage and vanity. It can be a perfect gift for someone you love.


This sophisticated and beautiful flower is synonymous with passion, energy, power, strength, power and determination. The red orchid is one of the best flowers there are for expressing love and gratitude.


The peony is a beautiful flower with a long and thin stem and a very full corolla of petals that can vary from deep red to light red with chocolate-colored shades. This flower embodies romance and is considered a symbol of prosperity, healing and happiness.

More red flowers

We also point out other splendid red flowers:

  • Wild Bignonia
  • Lobelia aquatica
  • Egyptian star
  • Carnation Dianthus
  • Fresia
  • Adonis
  • Balsamine
  • Crocosmia
  • Nasturzio
  • Buttercup
  • Rhododendron
  • Vallota
  • Camelia
  • Geum
  • Frangipani

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