Glyphosate: Europe allows individual states to ban! The petition

WeMove calls on Europe not to give in to pressure from Bayer-Monsanto and not to prevent the ban on glyphosate in Austria

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Last July the Austrian Parliament approved the total ban on the use of glyphosate throughout the national territory. But Europe could cancel it. A petition asks not to give in to pressure from Bayer-Monsanto

With this provision, Austria would be the first European country to ban the use of the controversial herbicide but before the legislation enters into force it is necessary to wait for the opinion of the European Commission.

The European Union will have to comment on this by 29 November of this year and Bayer-Monsanto is already working to persuade the Commission to obstruct the new Austrian law. The multinational claims that the ban approved in Austria is "inconsistent with mandatory legal and procedural requirements and scientific reasoning".

The WeMove movement has therefore launched a online petition to ask Europe to not give in to pressure from Bayer-Monsanto lobbyists, not to prevent the application of the Austrian ban on glyphosate and to respect the right of each European state to issue bans on the use of pesticides.

Through the petition, WeMove also asks the European Union to go one step further and to work for the ban on the use of glyphosate to be extended to all European countries.

Glyphosate is a chemical compound used in agriculture to fight weeds. Numerous scientific studies have shown the harmful effects of this herbicide for human health, as well as for fauna, pollinating insects and the environment in general. On man, glyphosate was found to be carcinogenic, harmful to the liver and the reproductive system.

Despite this, glyphosate is still used in Europe and EFSA - the European Food Safety Authority - has renewed the authorization for the use of this pesticide for another five years, until 2022. This is because EFSA has taking into account safety data provided by Monsanto, a multinational company that produces Roundpound, based on glyphosate.

However, independent studies on glyphosate have shown numerous results doubts about the safety of glyphosate, which the Austrian Parliament has taken into account by deciding to completely ban this pesticide.

WeMove asks the European Commission not to prevent this historic ban by Austria, as it could lead to other European countries banning glyphosate e thus protecting citizens and the environment from the now certain damage caused by this dangerous herbicide. On the WeMove website you can read and sign the petition online.

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